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What is /storage/emulated/0/?

Recently, I've figured out that if I delete files from /sdcard/Download it deletes files from /storage/emulated/0/Download. And if I add the files into /sdcard/Download it duplicates them in /storage/...
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Can I use ext4 on my SD card in a non-rooted phone?

I know that on a rooted phone, it's reasonably normal to create a small ext4 partition for App2SD to use, but I'm not asking about that case: I have a non-rooted HTC Desire running Froyo, and I'd ...
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How can I make a symlink (or equivalent) inside /storage/emulated/0?

So, I have rooted my phone (GT-i9505 with android 5.0.1) and I would like to move my WhatsApp folder to my external SD card to save 3GB on internal storage. This is what I tried so far. EDIT: ...
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How to run DNSCrypt as a background service on Android?

I've installed an unofficial lineage OS 14.1 ROM on my phone and i want to have dnscrypt used on boot by default. There is what i have done: Download arm binaries from:
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How can I mount an ext4-formatted SD card with correct permissions (with root)?

I see some mentions here of creating an ext4-formatted SD card, but no guide. This closely-related question suggests there is no way to do it, but my question differs in that my phone is specifically ...
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How to run an executable on boot and keep it running?

I have an executable build from a ndk-build program. I want to run it on a rooted Android device. How much is the possibility that Android will kill my executable? Using adb shell, I am able to ...
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How to mount NFS on Android with correct permissions?

I am trying to mount an NFS share on my Android phone. I have already compiled and installed all the needed kernel modules. The NFS share mounts flawlessly but I can only mount as the system user. ...
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How to mount rclone on Android?

I had rclone mount my Google Drive on my Android 7 box with the Magisk module and Termux. But it has stopped working and now there's only an empty folder. This is the rclone log: 2020/06/03 07:33:54 ...
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How would you use your ext4 formatted thumb drive via OTG on Android?

Is there a workaround to use an ext4 formatted thumb drives on Android phones? Right now when I plug it (thumb drive has micro usb end and phone supports thumb drives) Android says it doesn't ...
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Why do partitions get unmounted automatically after some time?

I have an Android phone running Oreo 8.1.0. I have two partitions in sdcard. One partition is ext4 formatted. I mount it using: mount -t ext4 -o rw /dev/block/mmcblk1p2 /data/sdext2 But after some ...
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External Ext4 card mounted only for root (!) on Android 5.1 64 bits

In short: if I mount my Ext4 8GB SD card, only root (SU) can see it. The rest of users (so, the rest of apps) don't detect it. As long as my Ext4 SD card is not correctly mounted (Android always ...
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Decrypting microSD card on another Android device or desktop computer

I'm looking for a solution that would allow to encrypt external microSD card with the following conditions: external microSD card is not merged with the internal storage; encrypted external microSD ...
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How to create and use multiple partitions on external SD card with different filesystems (Ext4, exFAT, NTFS)?

I want to create 4 partitions on external MicroSDcard through ADB shell commands, not on Windows or Linux. Also want to show all partitions in Android GUI (SETTINGS > STORAGE > SDCARD) and make them ...
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What is the "u#_everybody" UID?

In (multi-user) Android there are UIDs like these: u0_everybody u10_everybody u11_everybody Those seem different to the usual uXX_aYY UIDs used for the applications. What is their purpose? Is this a ...
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How to free Internal Storage by moving data or using symlink / bind-mount with Adoptable Storage?

Galaxy S5 running LineageOS 16 (Android 9). I'm having issues with running out of storage space, even though I have 128GB external SD card, merged with the internal storage. Is there a way to create ...
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