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How Android's permissions mapping with UIDs/GIDs works?

Reading the book: Android Security Internals I'm reading at Chapter 2 - Permission Management paragraph that permissions are assigned to application at install time by the package manager with a ...
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Why are superuser permissions needed to acess /data partition?

The default account is normal user, and I used it to install Google Play Store APK (to /data). Then Google Play Store was opened using my current user's permissions, and it is used to download and ...
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How to grant an app a permission that isn't in its manifest for audio recording?

Non rooted Moto G6 Play running Android 9. I'm using Termux and would like to use Sox's rec command to record audio from the terminal. Unfortunately, since Termux doesn't request the mic permission, ...
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What is the "u#_everybody" UID?

In (multi-user) Android there are UIDs like these: u0_everybody u10_everybody u11_everybody Those seem different to the usual uXX_aYY UIDs used for the applications. What is their purpose? Is this a ...
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What happens if I ignore the warning: "If you deny this permission, basic features of your device may no longer function as intended"?

If I go into the permissions settings for the Google app and change the Location permission from "Allow all the time" to "Allow only while using the app" or "Deny," I am presented with a warning: "If ...
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Can I enroll my device in Android Enterprise to install a root CA?

My phone can't be rooted but I want to MITM my own traffic. Is there any downside to enrolling my device as a managed enterprise device and installing a certificate through the program? It seems ...
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Why do Google Play Services appear to access Location despite being disallowed to?

On my phone I disallowed Google Play Services access to Location many months ago. Yet Recent Location Requests item of the Settings still gets them listed: How can this happen? Do Google Play ...
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How is Google Play services still running after disabling?

A while ago I disabled Google Play services, Google Play Store and lots of other Google apps in my phone. Below is a screenshot. One can see that Google Play services is still having cached ...
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Is there an official source of Google Play Store/Service Framework/GMS? or trustable third-party sources?

I tried to install the three Google apps with the auto-installer I used for my non-rooted Huawei P40 on EMUI 11.0.0 (based on Android 10, I think). Though the installation was successful, there was no ...
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How is Google Assistant listening all the time without a notification?

In Android, if an app wants to run in the background, it usually needs to create a service that runs in the background (and/or after boot is completed). So, if the app wants to listen to the ...
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how to stop google's phone app of being auto allowed to display over the apps?

i have a poco x3 nfc with arrowsOs android 11. I use google's vanilla phone app as my default phone app. I don't want to have a bubble when minimizing my phone app. for this, i go to app info > ...
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