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Bootloader/BIOS, flashing ROMs and related risks. Why are Android devices more brickable than PCs?

I have solid experience with installing different OSes (Linux, Windows,...) on PCs. I would like to try just for fun to install Linux on an unbranded Android low cost tablet acquired in 2015. I spent ...
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Where is the baseband firmware stored and how does Android interact with it?

My searches on the web didn't provide suitable answers to these questions: 1) Where is the baseband firmware stored? My understanding is that this particular firmware is a RTOS built for the ...
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How to increase the size of the system partition?

I have an old Google pixel 1 and I was trying to install a GSI but I get this a message on TWRP saying Size of image is larger than target device, so I went to wipe > advanced wipe > selected ...
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What is "rmnet_gsi" USB function?

I was looking through the init files from my boot image and noticed a USB flag labelled rmnet_gsi here. What does this setting do? Example source: on property:sys.usb.config=diag,serial_cdev,rmnet_gsi,...
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How to make a really complete backup of an Android device?

AFAIK, all Android partitions are listed in /dev/block/by-name. Assuming device encryption is turned on, if I backup all partitions with e.g. (one at a time) for PARTITION in $(ls /dev/block/by-name) ...
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Why are there 2 boot partition on mediatek devices, both of which contain the same preloader?

On Mediatek devices, the same preloader.bin is in mmcblk0boot0 and mmcblk0boot1, why does it need to be in both partitions?
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How do I create a separate vendor partition?

I recently got an android phone running AOSP Android 5.1 Lollipop. I want to upgrade its software to higher android version, probably 9.0 as per the phone's capacity. But for that, I need treble ...
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Resize /system partition on Galaxy note 3 SM-N9005

I am trying to resize the partition /system using the parted and gdisk commands. But none of these commands succeed in changing mmcblk0 partitions after execution. The things I do are as follows: ...
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Forgot encryption password, too many wrong password attempts = wipe: Can I image my phone to "get more password tries" by restoring an image? [duplicate]

Forgot my Android encryption password, only have 10 tries left before data wipe, how can I backup my phone to get 10 more tries if I don't manage to find the password within 10 tries? For context: ...
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How to make a complete backup of an Android device

I am quite new to Android and I would like to be able to make a complete backup of an Android smartphone storage so that I can restore everything in case I mess it up or it breaks. My plan is to buy ...
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How should I partition my android device? Should I use gpt or msdos?

so I got myself into a really bad situation and I need to re-partition my device. I already pushed parted and mkfs to /sbin (following this guide) and made them executable with chmod 777, i just need ...
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