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no write permission to memory card storage from termux [duplicate]

is it possible to write/edit the files on the memory card with Termux i tried the command: termux-setup-storage but it only gives the permission to write on my device storage(/emulated/0/)
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What is /storage/emulated/0/?

Recently, I've figured out that if I delete files from /sdcard/Download it deletes files from /storage/emulated/0/Download. And if I add the files into /sdcard/Download it duplicates them in /storage/...
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How disk space is used on Android device?

I have critical low storage level and can't understand what takes much of it and how that's possible that the installed applications can use 7 GB? I only use a few social media clients without any ...
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Why are superuser permissions needed to acess /data partition?

The default account is normal user, and I used it to install Google Play Store APK (to /data). Then Google Play Store was opened using my current user's permissions, and it is used to download and ...
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Are multiple-users protected from each other differently than apps?

I confess that I come from the happy world of unix computers, and am used to the concept of user accounts and hence group gids and userids uids. For the occasional usage of an untrusted app (i.e. ...
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What is the "u#_everybody" UID?

In (multi-user) Android there are UIDs like these: u0_everybody u10_everybody u11_everybody Those seem different to the usual uXX_aYY UIDs used for the applications. What is their purpose? Is this a ...
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How to save files to external SD card on a non-rooted Android?

I'm using the Terminal Emulator app on a non-rooted Android 5.0.2 phone. When moving files from a folder of the external SD card to another with: mv /storage/extSdCard/DCIM/Camera/* /storage/...
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Insufficent rights for npm install in Termux on Android

I'm trying to install a Node.js module in a folder, for example, /data/data/com.termux/files/home/storage/shared/documents/projects/code/js/test-npm, from Termux on rooted Android 6 running npm ...
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How to access files transferred to device using SimpleSSHD?

I am using SimpleSSHD and doing scp to transfer files from my computer to my Redmi phone. My question is that after I have copied files to data/user/0/org.galexander.sshd/files, how do I access them, ...
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Running executable files using Termux

I previously posted on the Linux stack exchange about my problem: Suffice to say I've realized that executable files can ...
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Termux write permissions

pretext: as gmail no longer allows me to send zip files, i have been looking into other ways to get my java source directories from android to laptop and back again, depending whether I'm at home or ...
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Check for the existence of files without root privileges

How do apps check for the existence of files and folders on /data and /system partitions without having root privileges? I know some games and apps do this for anticheat and security reasons.
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