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Is power consumed from battery to run the phone when charging?

I want to download torrents while keeping the device plugged to charge. My device is made by Samsung. Is the power consumed from charger, or battery, to power the device when charging? Will my ...
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How to limit charging to a user defined limit? [duplicate]

My UleFone Armor 2 has a 4700mAh battery and I would like to limit the charging to 60% to reduce battery aging. The batteries in most of the phones are not user-replaceable and I am worried that a ...
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Automatically limit (stop) battery charging at a given percentage

Device : Moto X Play ( Rooted, Stock, Android 6.0.1, msm8916 Board, XT1562) Why do I want to limit charging ? ( Let's leave out whether my reasons are valid or not and accept that I want to, if you ...
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Ideal charging / discharging percentage for maximum battery life?

One of my friends has a relatively new Samsung smartphone. He has this app that notifies him whenever the charging is up to 80%, and tells him to unplug the charger. He tells me that it will increase ...
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How do I change the Battery Percentage that corresponds to a Voltage in Android

My original Li-ion has 3000 mAh capacity. I've modded my device to have a total of 7000 mAh capacity now. The enhanced capacity means that my percentage is not displayed accurately anymore. About ...
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How to install Advanced Charging Controller (acc) module?

I have a phone that's been rooted using Magisk. How to install something like the acc module? The instructions state running acc commands, but where from?
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Is there a way to configure always-plugged-in android devices to partially change battery or NOT stay fully charged?

So I’ll apologize in advance as I’m an iPhone user for mobile and Linux for work/desktop - Android is mostly unfamiliar territory to me. I’ve recently set up 3 or 4 android devices (a various ...
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How can I configure a Pixel 6 so that it always charges at max speed?

My Google Pixel 6 phone charges between 3W and 15W with the charger included with the Pixel 6 phone. How can I configure it so that it always charges at max speed? (Or at least whenever I ask for it, ...
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Is it possible to reduce the charging current? [duplicate]

I'd like to reduce the charging current of my phone, because It gets too hot I am charging it overnight so it's more beneficial to charge it slowly. Is it even possible from a hardware perspective ...
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Is it safe for the battery to turn on the mobile data all the time?

I usually turn on my cellphone Mobile Data & WIFI all the time because I don't want to miss SMS and Emails. I'm afraid the battery could lose capacity over time if I keep turning on the Mobile ...
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Is it safe to use an old mobile phone as modem / router for Wifi?

(Related to A phone as a home 4G modem/router?) I was wondering if it is plausible and safe to keep an old phone charging all the time with a sim card in order to use it as a modem/router for Wifi. I ...
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Android control battery charge programmatically

I'am using a Linage Android image (rooted) to control the battery charge and discharge with the commands: Charge: echo 0 > /sys/class/power_supply/battery/batt_slate_mode Stop charging: echo 1 >...
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Shell: get battery voltage_now if power were not connected

I am trying to make my device stop charging (echo 0 > /sys/class/power_supply/battery/charging_enabled, the easy part) when the battery's voltage reaches 3920000 µV. Using cat /sys/class/...
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