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Install driver in android os [duplicate]

I recently bought a wifi adapter(Astrum NA150) which is not supported by linux out-of-the-box. But in the cd there are drivers for win,mac,linux and android. They also have makefile. But as i know ...
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Change network interface name in persistent way on Android [duplicate]

Is it possible to change the name of a network interface in an Android 11 rooted system making the change persistent? I am not looking for just renaming the interface after the boot, I want to change ...
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Connect an Android tablet to ethernet

I use tablet with Android in a professional environment and the it department doesn't accept to install wifi. My tablet need to synchronise with CSV file on a LAN share. I'm looking for solutions. ...
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How to run DNSCrypt as a background service on Android?

I've installed an unofficial lineage OS 14.1 ROM on my phone and i want to have dnscrypt used on boot by default. There is what i have done: Download arm binaries from:
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How to use an USB-attached wired Ethernet adapter through USB-OtG on an Android smartphone?

Due to my profession I use to have to connect to wired-only LAN-attached devices (like managed switches, routers, set-top-boxes etc) frequently to access their configuration interfaces via Telnet/SSH/...
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How to run an executable on boot and keep it running?

I have an executable build from a ndk-build program. I want to run it on a rooted Android device. How much is the possibility that Android will kill my executable? Using adb shell, I am able to ...
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Can I connect my android phone to the LAN, via an ethernet cable?

I want to connect my Galaxy S2 HD LTE SHV-120S Android version 4.0 (rooted) to the internet via a LAN connection. I am sensitive to wifi and network radiation, hence want to make a line connection and ...
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Where are kernel modules installed?

I am trying to find Linux kernel modules on my nitrogen board. I have unpacked kernel config from /proc/config.gz and I see kernel was compiled with a lot of modules. I see only one in /vendor/lib/...
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How do I connect my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tab to a hard wired broadband point (no wifi available)?

I have moved into student accommodation which only has hard wired broadband. Please can anyone tell me how I can connect my Galaxy 10.1 tablet to the internet via the wall point provided?
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How to share Internet from Android via Ethernet

The Situation: I've got Android running on my Cubietruck. Now I want to share the existing Internet Connection (Wifi) with my Win8 Desktop PC over Ethernet, so the stream would be Internet –wifi→ ...
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Android Tablets: Use USB to Ethernet connector?

Do Android tablets generally support USB to Ethernet adapters? And if so, which models?
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Wifi access point with USB-OTG ethernet?

I want my phone to act as a ethernet capable wifi access point (WAN via ethernet). When I use USB-OTG with an ethernet USB adapter attached to my Galaxy Nexus (non-rooted stock Jelly Bean) I get ...
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Connecting to WiFi via ADB Shell

I've tried all publicly discussed methods I could find to connect to WiFi via ADB on a phone with a broken screen (no display/no touch). The closest I have got is via wpa_cli using the method #1 ...
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How to enable/disable DHCP of eth0

ifconfig eth0 dhcp start or ifconfig eth0 dhcp drop does not seem to work for Android. Is there a way to enable/disable DHCP for eth0 via shell commands?
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Connect android tablet to internet via ethernet

I am using an android tablet at my work place. For some weird reason, WIFI has been disabled in the tablet. The only way to connect to the internet is via ethernet. At this point, I have a USB-...
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