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How to make a full local backup of my phone

I'm trying to find a way to have a full backup of my phone (apps, settings, data, life universe and everything...) but from what I read on the internet tools such as Titanium and Helium backup are not ...
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`adb pull` says it pulled all of the files from my Android phone into my Windows PC, but in reality it didn't

So I am using adb to copy all of my Android files to my Windows PC with this command: adb pull -a /mnt/sdcard C:\backup And when it's done it says all x amount of files have been pulled, I can ...
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adb push/pull as root

adb pull and adb push can be used to transfer files from and to the device via the ADB connection. However, even on a rooted device, these commands seem to operate with user permissions. I can access ...
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How to transfer files from PC to Android via wifi without special software? came out in late 2020, when most home networks use wifi. After searching for hours, I have been unable to find a built-in way of transferring files from my ...
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Copy photos to new Samsung Galaxy S22 and maintain time/date stamps

I just got a new Samsung Galaxy S22 running Android 12. I'm moving the photos from the microSD card in the Samsung Galaxy S10e (of course they removed the SD card slot in the S22) to the S22. I did it ...
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Why does "tar -czh" produce a corrupt archive but "tar -ch | gzip" work fine?

I am trying to backup a directory from a phone over adb. When using the following command I get an archive which is corrupt: adb exec-out "tar -czh /sdcard/DCIM" > backup.tar.gz But with ...
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How to handle hidden files and folders (which begin with a period/dot) when backing up Android to a Windows NTFS volume?

Over on Superuser, I asked about whether or not it's okay to have filenames and/or folder names that begin with a period (dot) on a Windows NTFS volume. The immediate response I received was to avoid ...
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Replicate android folder structure preserving folder date and time

I have a samsung galaxy S8 SM-G950W. I want to replicate exact date and time of folders all 3 date and time fields (date created, date modified, date accessed) from within my s8 into my desktop PC. ...
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Lenovo - Internal Storage and SD-Card empty (on device and pc)

As stated above. Someone asks me to help him with his phone. I have no clue what happened, I never heard about thats happening before, soo.. yeah... The phone is an Lenovo with Android 6.0. It has an ...
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How do I backup Internal Storage to PC or OTG Drive without it changing folder and file modified dates?

I'm on Android 11 and I want to backup my files to a drive but I don't want it to change the modified date for folders and files...
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Backup anything inside a folder including file modification recursively with adb backup command

I tried command adb backup -f backup.ab -apk -shared -all /storage/emulated/0 Then I tried inspect with android backup extractor, it just backing up the APK data, while I expect it backups the entire ...
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Tablet battery replacement and alloc_device_open fail?

I had to do a battery replacement on an Android 4.x tablet Denver TAC-97032. The battery had been obtained from the manufacturer as aftermarket part; it is however not of the same size as the original ...
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