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Fastbooot: FAILED (remote: 'unknown command')

I've bee trying to install twrp on my Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 X00TD. So, first I enabled USB debugging, connected my phone to computer and booted into fastboot by adb reboot bootloader. After that I ...
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unable to flash rom in edl mode using linux qdl or even qfil or miflash. what could be the error?

i have a redmi note 3 snapdragon variant. i was using it casually and i pulled its back cover and wassss in deep thoughts when i accidentaly or stupidly removed the battery flap when phone was on. i ...
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Oppo A5 2020 (CPH1931) won't go in to fastboot mode/bootloader

I want to root my phone, install custom recovery and eventually a custom ROM. For this, I need to unlock the bootloader. I have an Oppo A5 2020 CPH1931. It should go into bootloader when I press ...
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Is there a way to unlock stock miui phone after forgetting password?

I have stock xiaomi mi 8 without any additions. I changed my password, and after 3 days of not typing it, I realized that I forgot the new password. I know some words etc, which are there, but I can ...
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How to reliably recover data from a dead Samsung Galaxy S8 phone?

My friend has a Samsung Galaxy S8 (not S8+) that has a broken screen, but after operating with this broken screen for a while, wouldn't boot past the Samsung logo, and now won't respond to a power ...
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How to access Android phone's internal memory with broken screen?

I have a Xiaomi Mi Android phone. My screen is completely broken but there are some important data available in the internal memory of the phone. Is there any way by which I can access and copy data ...
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Recover data, photo, & video from a dead water-damaged Android phone

Question Recover data photo video from a dead water damaged android phone I have a old android mobile which was kept on table on which glass of water falled and water entered the mobile as its ...
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Having trouble flashing an Asus Zenfone 5 Lite (ZC600KL, X017DA)

When turning on Asus Zenfone 5 Lite, it was stuck on the Asus Logo and would not go any further. I have tried the normal attempts to get it working again by hardware keys into recovery/factory reset, ...
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Not able to reach recovery or TWRP on Redmi 4A Only blank screen

One week back I successfully unlocked,rooted,put TWRP and flashed LineageOS 17.1. Today morning i read [GUIDE] How to Create Custom Splash Screen (… | Xiaomi Mi 5. After following the link now the ...
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Redmi Note 8 locked, need help with unlocking/backup

I need help regarding a Redmi Note 8 that no longer accepts the correct pattern and is locked. I'm looking for a solution that would allow me to either unlock my phone without data loss, or make a ...
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How to make a complete backup of an Android device

I am quite new to Android and I would like to be able to make a complete backup of an Android smartphone storage so that I can restore everything in case I mess it up or it breaks. My plan is to buy ...
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Retrieve data from locked android

I have my old phone (Huawei P9 Lite - according to the Internet it's Android 8.0 Oreo), but I don't remember the PIN code. I need to download data (photos) from this phone. As far as I know, Android ...
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What can I do with an open source phone/kernel?

So this is my very first attempt in any kind of android development. I have here my phone's official kernel source. I was wondering if I can build this to boot or if it's ready for building. Also this ...
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Redmi 8 bootloop

My Redmi 8 phone is in bootloop. It got stuck with its Remi logo and does not start. I am trying to unlock the bootloader but I didn't find a way other than mi unlock which I don't know how to use it ...
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Is there a Boot ROM within other SoCs? [duplicate]

I was researching on methods to try and recover my data and I learned something interesting, a user 'kuruczgyurci' posted: This does not exactly answer the original question, but since I managed to ...
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