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Programmatically, how does "rooting" a device enable access? [duplicate]

From a layman point of view, one would say, "Oh, I'm unrooted so I am blocked and access is not allowed." I want the programmatic point of view; telling me how an unrooted device doesn't have access ...
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What is actually happening on the rom when I rooting android device? What is happen on rooting? [duplicate]

What is actually happening on rooting? Is it change file system, or modify file or add new files or add new configirations....etc? I know the meaning of rooting but I want to know how it dowing.
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How does rooting and unrooting work? [duplicate]

How does rooting work? What kind of code/programs the manufacturers don't want to install in the phones (so that people have to root)? Why? Can it be unrooted too? Thanks in advance.
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What does "to root a phone" mean?

I heard this phrase or the variants (rooted phone, rooting, etc.) in android forums but I don't know what it means. Can you explain it in simple terms?
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How does su regulate app permissions?

I seen a lot of apps in the market that give superuser functionality to applications. However there is a pre-requisite of rooting your phone. I am curious how a rooted phone has those permissions ...
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How to manually root a phone?

I want to learn how to root a android phone manually, I mean without any apps like KingRoot, dr.fone etc. I did not found any guides or information about it. (Background Information: I want to root a ...
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How does the rooting apps (like kingroot) roots the android phones

I rooted my android kit-kat with kingroot. This process took almost 2-3 minutes and it successfully rooted. But what is the process involved in rooting an android phone? I want a very clear ...
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Does Rooting Exploit a Security Weakness?

According to the Wikipedia page for Android rooting, The process of rooting varies widely by device, but usually includes exploiting a security weakness in the firmware of the device, and then ...
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Rooting already unlock phone without losing data, possible?

As far as I have understood it's the unlocking part that requires wiping, and the rooting part doesn't. So, if I am already unlocked, can I root without losing my data? I've got a (red) Nexus 5 16GB ...
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What exactly does "rooting" mean (for a new device that has no ready-made tools yet)?

Disclaimer: The question is not meant like these: How do I root my device? – Take tool X/Y/Z! Where do I find tool X/Y/Z for rooting? – Link, Link, Link! What is "root"? – Full ...
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How can I root the Micromax A110Q

I am using ubuntu 12.04 LTS and want to root my micromax A110Q.
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What exactly is the procedure while granting root access on a device?

I have read a lots of articles regarding root. But I haven't found any specific information on what's the proccess and the steps that are required to grand root access on a device. For example. If I ...
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Android rooting security considerations

I know this question has been asked many times, but I didn't see a clear answer to it from security experts, or it is from several years ago and things might have changed. My question is double: ...
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The process of rooting

Rooting is the process of installing the "Super User" account in Android. Which are the processes carried out in rooting ? I mean how actually it's done ? Apps like Kingroot can root many devices in ...
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Is it possible to use rooting method of a device on a device having same model number yet different baseband number

I have recently bought Samsung Galaxy J Docomo. Upon spending countless hours on the internet searching for roots, I could only find the root for build id: LRX21V.SC02FOMUGOI4. Does there exist a root ...
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