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How to stop Message memory full Internal phone storage is getting low? [duplicate]

I have been trying to get rid of this but nothing is working, and its super annoying please help! I've tried clearing cache but it didn't work.
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HTC desire 816 insufficient space error [duplicate]

I have an htc desire 816 that I just recently bought and it was fine at first but it stared giving me the error message that there was "insufficient space on the device" when I tried to download any ...
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LG Lucid doesn't recognize SD card as extra memory when dealing with photos [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I deal with “Low on Space” messages on my HTC Incredible? I have an LG Lucid, and recently (more or less) learned how to put files (music, etc.) on it from my Mac. My ...
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i want my phone to use the sd card i put instead of the phone memory [duplicate]

Im using a Samsung galaxy s3 mini and my problem is that my phone uses the memory when I have got a sd card which still has got space
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How can I free up more space on my Android (2.2 Froyo) phone?

I have already moved all the applications that allow it to the SD card. So what I am really looking for here are some tips like clearing internet cache or something like that. (I have an HTC Desire.) ...
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How can I get rid of the low disk space notification?

The low disk space notification frequently comes up. I can't get rid of it; the clear button doesn't clear it, and neither does tapping it. It's just taking up space. How can I get rid of it? I've ...
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Im trying to download apps but it says insufficient storage but I have plenty of storage and an sd card [duplicate]

I try to download apps like Vine and other apps but, it continuously says insufficient storage and I have an sd card and enough internal storage to download. It makes me angry. Please help, I need don'...
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Android low on space

I know this question is quite common, but nothing I've read so far really helped me. I have a Samsung Galaxy Mini, and had a similar problem with the stock ROM. For some other reasons, I've rooted it ...
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Erronous Low Data Space Error on Droid Incredible

I've see this question asked a lot, but I haven't seen any real answers. I'm getting the low application data space error, but I have 440MB/750MB free on my internal storage. With more than 50% ...
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How to clear space on your internal storage, other than the trivial measures?

After 3.5 years of use, my Android device (a Xiaomi RedMi 3S) has its internal storage full almost to capacity. I can run its cleaning routine, I can remove photos I snapped and music files I may ...
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how do i move the setting to sd card for the downloading apps

My problem is, when I download apps in my mobile through playstore which is android it says insufficient space even tho I have space of 16 gb in memory card and the setting is also on ad sd card,it's ...
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Insufficient memory to download apps from playstore? [duplicate]

I have rooted my device. I am not sure if this is connected or not, but I cannot download apps from the play store: I get a message stating that there is insufficient memory. I have 5.6 GB available ...
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