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How do you extract an App's data from a full backup made through "adb backup"?

I have been backing up my Nexus 7 with adb backup to back up all files into an encrypted backup. I see that you can restore from a backup with adb restore, but that would wipe all my existing data on ...
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How to get rid of update notifications for a given app in Google Play Store?

General question I have an app X installed on my device in version Y. I don't want to update it to any newer version (Y+z) for some reason. Still, the Google Play Store app always lists updates for X, ...
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What all does ADB backup and how do I restore part of it?

I am soon going to unlock bootloader and root my Nexus 5, but I didn't wanted to wipe all the data so I thought of using the ADB backup function to restore after rooting is done. adb backup [-f <...
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How can I access my Android Internal Storage (data/data) from the pc?

Not the SD Card that downloads, folders, gallery, etc. goes to. I mean the data/data internal memory of the Android device, where game saves, factory apps, etc. goes to. As much as I'd love to root ...
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Transfer Android app with offline data to NEW PHONE without ROOT

I've purchased a new phone and have transferred most of the data from the old device to the new one using various means. There is one app, however, that does not have account login, so I cannot save ...
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Geometry Dash custom songs download location

I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 (Model Number - SM-G388F) running KitKat 4.4.4. I would like to have some of these songs on my computer and phone, and this means that I need to find the ...
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Get data/data/ from backup.ab

I followed Nikolay Elenkov's method of unpacking backup.ab. Is it possible to get data/data/ from backup.ab?
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Does adb backup store all applications?

On my non-rooted phone first I did adb backup -all -apk -obb -f lenovo.ab and bit later adb restore lenovo.ab (both commands had no errors). Surprisingly I did not find quite a lot of apps after the ...
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What does ADB Back up restore to an android device? [duplicate]

Does ADB Back Up contain system files? Supposing an un-rooted android device has got an ADB back up and something goes wrong and the device does not boot up, then can the ADB back up be useful?
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Transfer sms data from a Samsung Gal. 3 with black screen of death

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 with the black screen of death. I was able to download files from phone and sd card onto my computer. However, I would like to access my old sms text messages. I have "sms ...
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Can adb backup/restore be used to root a device?

I have read a bit about the adb backup format, and it seems quite straight forward. Is it possible to use adb backup restore with a specially crafted backup to root a device? If not, why not? The ...
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ADB backup with empty password

I have a non-rooted Android 12 device and I am trying to execute a procedure it used to work. I basically used to backup an application DB using the following commands: Connect phone and grant ...
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How to transfer videos downloaded via coursera app from my tablet to my computer?

I tried using the answer here: Find downloaded video files via coursera app but to no avail. My device is unrooted and hence the data folder is hidden. I tried the method suggested by Naveen as well ...
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How to make a complete backup from rooted device to non-rooted device?

I would like to get my data from an old rooted android phone, to a new android phone which can't be rooted. adb backup and helium aren't able to get all of my data from my rooted phone. Is there a way ...
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