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I have certain apps, like Google Maps, on my phone which I am unable to move to my SD card from the internal memory. I tried moving it from the App management menu in Phone settings, but the move to ...
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Why do some applications have `Move to SD card` button disabled? [duplicate]

I've just downloaded an app, and I want to move it to SD card. At the application setting, the app has data like this: Total ... 10.05MB Application ... 9.97MB Data ... 80.00KB Next ...
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internal memory Vs SD card [duplicate]

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How to move application to SD card in samsung galaxy s duos

How to move application to SD card in samsung galaxy s duos. I have tried some application from Google Play but did not succeed. Plz help me
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Space problem in Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300

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Can I force move to sd card applications that don't want to be moved there?

disclaimer: of course I can move apps which allow that, using "manage applications" menu. There are apps, some stock ones and some downloaded, that for some reason don't have the "movable to sdcard" ...
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Cannot move app to SD card: "Not enough storage space"

Disclaimer: There are many similar questions, but: 1) No answer there helped me, 2) This one provides additional info and questions, 3) Others seem to be related to Android versions < 8, so the ...
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Why can't I move WhatsApp to the SD card on my HTC One M8?

I picked up a new SD card for my HTC One M8 and am trying to move my apps from my phone to the card. I can move almost every app but for WhatsApp, the Move button is greyed out: Does anyone know why? ...
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Cannot move app to sd-card?

My sdcard has plenty free space but I cannot move any apps. On my sdcard there's the old Android/data path with many older apps. Why cannot it be possible to move apps here? Maybe I can create a ...
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Same android OS version -- one has move to SD card button, the other doesn't

I have two phones. Both have android OS 4.1.2 installed. Though on one phone it has "Move to SD card" buttons (though some apps have it grayed out), on the other this button does not appear at all. I ...
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Which app specific prevents moving to external storage?

Subject. I'm not asking what I will lose if I move app, but rather about how system detects if app is "movable" or not and enables/disables corresponding button in "App Info" activity accordingly. ...
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