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Where are the .apk files of currently installed apps stored on my Android device? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Where in the file system are applications installed? How can I view the .apk files of currenly installed apps on my android phone?
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Where is a downloaded .apk placed in Android phones? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Where in the file system are applications installed? Where is a downloaded .apk placed in Android phones? I want to backup the .apk files to my PC so that if something happens ...
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How do I install apps to Internal/External SD instead of Phone Storage [duplicate]

I have a dual SIM mt6589 based Android 4.2.1 phone, and I have no idea where the apps are getting installed. My phone has an Internal SD card(built in), An External SD card and something called Phone ...
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How to Find Where an App Is Installed? Find an App's Install Location [duplicate]

Usually, Android apps are installed in: Internal shared storage/Android/​data/​app/​com.example.MyApp/​ However, I've been looking for a while but can't find where CapCut (the video editing app) is ...
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How to retrieve an app that's already removed from the play store before factory reset? [duplicate]

I had my phone undergo factory reset because there was some kind of malware and worms but it didn't work so I had it professionally fixed. And when I was going to re-install an app but it's already ...
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Where do Android apps store data?

Could you list all the possible directories where Android apps may store data? Can you also provide description of the kind of data stored in each directory?
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Is removing an app any different from disabling an app?

One of the main advantage of rooting is removing bloatware [I guess]. Is removing unwanted brand-based or operator-based app any different from disabling it from All Application in Settings? I don't ...
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How to "completely" delete Xposed Framework and modules?

I did two things to install Xposed. Firstly, I flashed and then installed the .apk file. I can now uninstall the app itself but how can I erase the flashed file of the .zip? ...
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What is the .android_secure Folder?

On my currently working Android 4.4 phone, much of my apps and data is on a MicroSDHC card and I am trying to find what to preserve and port to a new phone. As I am trying to move from an old phone to ...
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ADB app uninstall from bootloader

I have a Galaxy Core Duos that I was playing with. It is stock rom, unrooted. However, I installed one app which is crashing the phone after startup. So I cannot use the phone anymore and I need to ...
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Understand the storage of my phone?

(I just updated my post to clarify my questions. Hope that can help to make myself clearer.) My phone is Kyocera Hydro Icon with Android 4.3. The website where I bought the phone says Memory ...
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Is it enough to restore /data with ClockworkMod? (Maybe changing systems as well

I definitely don't want to restore cache files. Why would I want to restore system files as well? If I understood Izzy's answer here, as a normal user (not a system developer) all I need is to restore ...
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Remove Google App from non-rooted phone

Is it possible to Uninstall Google App without root permissions ? It consumes more internal memory and drains battery. I already gone through a thread to disable it but uninstalling may free-up ...
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Where is the apk file stored in android phones?

Where is the apk file stored when it is downloaded from 9apps? I can't find it.
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Where is data/data?

I play Minecraft but I don't​ know where are my files saved (I opt "Application" as my storage). Many people say it's on data/data but when I go to root/data, it doesn't have any folder including ...
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