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How to keep playing online videos when screen is locked? [duplicate]

I want to listen to online videos with my mobile phone in my pocket, but there is always something to touch the screen and interrupt the stream. The only solution I know is to download and save the ...
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YouTube - How can i play my youtube playlist in my android phone even my screen automatically goes to sleep mode? [duplicate]

In my samsung galaxy s4, i am playing my youtube playlists like 10 or 20 musics and when i switch off the screen then the music stops. How can i play forever the music even the screen is on or off? ...
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Make youtube play in background [duplicate]

Is there any mechanism for playing youtube in background? When i am playing just audio songs from youtube, i need to play it as on background, since there is no video in it.
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How to play YouTube in browser while screen is off? [duplicate]

I'd prefer not to have to install some other weird apps or fiddle too much. (In particular I don't want to use NewPipe, Vanced.) If it matters, I use Bloket browser (I'm willing to try other browsers ...
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How to play youtube in the background in android? [duplicate]

I have been using PVSTAR+ app which plaeyed youtube in the background and I could listen to youtube while its closed. Youtube recently updated it's API so PVSTAR+ doesnt work anymore. it's also have ...
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is Android single task or multitasking and multithreading?

I am trying to understand why I cannot keep listening the audio of a YouTube video on my Galaxy S 2 while moving to another application for example reading a wikipedia article on the browser. is ...
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Lock screen while playing YouTube video

I have Samsung Galaxy S5. Is there a way to lock the screen but keep YouTube videos playing? For example, a particular browser app or add-on that would allow for the audio to continue playing while ...
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Turn off screen but still let video and streams running

Sometimes, I want to listen to streams or videos while I'm on the go, but I can't put my phone in my pocket because that would press buttons on the display. Is there any way to turn the screen off and ...
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How to watch Youtube with screen off on any Android without a Youtube Premium subscription

How can I listen to Youtube with my screen off without a Youtube Premium subscription
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Play audio of flash video while screen is off?

I want to listen to the audio portion of flash on my Droid preferably with the screen off. Sites like have great interviews in flash that I want to just listen to.
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Problem with Android process manager

When I lock my screen, or when I minimize an application such as Youtube, it has been stay on pause state, but when I minimize an application on Win or Linux, it continue to process, How can I ...
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