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Setting custom permissions per-application [duplicate]

I want more granular control over permissions. I’m fine with applications having some permissions, but I want to be in charge and have more granular control. Can this be done on Android? I know iOS ...
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How can I prevent an APP from using my phone's camera [duplicate]

I have some apps on my HTC One (M8) that want to have access to my camera and microphone (Yahoo Mail app). I have seen on an iOS device that you can disable this access but still run the app. Is ...
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Preventing Apps From Accessing Images/Contacts/etc [duplicate]

Is there anyway to prevent apps, like FaceBook, from accessing the things it wants to access? I'd rather not let Facebook invade my privacy and take what information it wants.
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How to revoke permissions from applications? [duplicate]

I don't understand, why some programs are requesting some permissions, especially concerning my privacy. So I want not to grant them or revoke after granting. I don't care if application will crash....
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apps wanting setting control [duplicate]

I am new to Galaxy S3 abd am trying to download apps. With each one I get the list of settings the app wishes to share/link. With the i-phone there is the yes/no option of allowing this control, but I ...
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How can I control the permissions an app has if I am on a rooted android? [duplicate]

Some apps ask for a ridiculous amount of permissions. Android tends to be you accept all the permissions and use the app or you don't accept all and don't use the app. This is different from how IOS ...
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Why do so many applications require permission to read the phone state and identity?

Why do so many applications require permission to read the phone state and identity?. Specifically: Phone calls read phone state and identity For example Quickpedia is a Wikipedia portal, but ...
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Are there any tools to sandbox a malware application even more than the granted permissions on Android? [closed]

Suppose I want to run some program which requests too many permissions. For example, record from the microphone or read IMEI of my phone. However, there are no practical explanation why recording from ...
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Revoke App Permissions Without Root?

I have some apps that are asking for unnecessary permissions. I would like to revoke these, but I've read that this is not possible without rooting. Is there any way to do this without having to root?...
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Is there any way to block permissions on apps?

I read about being able to revoke permissions on CyanogenMod, but it seems the devs took that ability out. I found some app out on the market for 6$ or so, but it doesn't look like it would be worth ...
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How do I withdraw an app rights to enter internet in CyanogenMod?

On a rooted device it should be possible to forbid certain apps to contact internet connection How is this possible in CyanogenMod 10.0?
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Removing permissions from apk

I'm trying to remove permissions* from certain bank app to prevent abuse. I've managed to download apk file using emulator (AVD) and appextractor. I've used toolapk to extract the apk file and ...
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Android permissions confusion

I'm choosing a new phone, been using my Lumia for ages, so I'm a bit off about the whole thing. What I've discovered so far is that android devices are mostly much superior to their iOS counterparts ...
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Is there a service that rates app security/permissions?

Is there a service/company/app that vets Android apps and reports on their "trustworthiness"? I recently moved from Blackberry to a Galaxy S2 which does not have an LED indicator light. I searched ...
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Can I trust MoboClean to deny specific permissions of other apps?

A couple of articles on the Internet about how to block specific application permissions refer to some app called MoboClean. It doesn't seem very popular and well-known trusted-by-users app so I ...
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