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How to root OnePlus One?

I want to root my shiny OnePlus One device aka flagship killer. There is no dearth of guides available on Internet and accessible easily via Google, but I'm not sure which one to follow as I don't ...
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Does Rooting Exploit a Security Weakness?

According to the Wikipedia page for Android rooting, The process of rooting varies widely by device, but usually includes exploiting a security weakness in the firmware of the device, and then ...
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What does rooting, bootloader, twrp and recovery mean? [closed]

I have just bought an android phone and I want to get the latest OS. However, I must root and unlock bootloader and recovery. I understand that to root something you gain administrative privileges. ...
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What does unlocking the bootloader do?

My understanding is that a boot loader is like a BIOS in a PC, which will help a device to load the OS correctly. When I unlock the bootloader in an Android device, does this modify the complete ...
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If I flash a custom recovery img, will I be able to boot the normal old system?

Can I flash a custom recovery (say, the one from Replicant with heimdall flash --kernel path/to/recovery.img, or ClockWorkMod) and then be able to boot the old system? Without reinstalling the main ...
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Rooting already unlock phone without losing data, possible?

As far as I have understood it's the unlocking part that requires wiping, and the rooting part doesn't. So, if I am already unlocked, can I root without losing my data? I've got a (red) Nexus 5 16GB ...
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Why does unlocking bootloader require erasing userdata? [duplicate]

I unlocked the bootloader in my OnePlus 5 right after it was delivered, so there was nothing to erase. Then I flashed TWRP and SuperSU. It comes with DM-Verity (and /data force encrypted). I tried re-...
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What does unlocking the bootloader have to do with rooting?

Every procedure I found to root my phone required to unlock the bootloader as a prerequisite. Well, I have an idea of what a bootloader is and it seems that there is something that prevents it from ...
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Recover Photos from user partition - unrooted HTC M8 MM 6

All photos have been deleted from my Wife's un-rooted HTC M8 running MM. How can I recover the photos? Ok some background: HTC One M8 running Marshmallow stock received via OTA update Photos deleted ...
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Unlocking the nexus 7 bootloader

I want to root my nexus 7 tab. The first step is unlocking the bootloader. I want to know that unlocking will wipe the os or just data? Can I start the tab after unlocking
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