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Battery Life and First Time Charging on Li-ion Batteries. Myth? [closed]

"Ok you bought a brand new mobile phone with brand new battery, after checking its working ok kindly switch it off and charge it fully (100%) then start using it. IT WILL INCREASE YOUR BATTERY LIFE.", ...
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When should I start charging my Lithium battery?

The comments in this question say that I shouldn't wait until low battery charge level before I charge, because that reduces battery life (this is contrary to my understanding before that the faster ...
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Nexus 7 charges very slowly, even with 2 amp chargers

I'm facing a rather painful issue with the battery life/charging issue with my Nexus 7 (4.2.2) When idle and plugged into my 2A charger with the stock USB cable, it charges VERY slowly. I'd say under ...
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Looking for a consistent answer about battery calibration

This forum is full of questions about battery calibration. The thing is, that either I'm blind or one answers contradicts others. In particular: For example forums says, that battery should be ...
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What to do after replacing the phone's battery?

I have a Nexus 5 (1.5yo; I know, it's old but still worthy!) and the boy was heavily suffering from short battery discharges. I'm a phone heavy user so I figured out I had depleted the battery's life, ...
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battery drainage question on HTC Sensation

HTC Sensation Z710e is one of the phone I have used over years. I found out that this handset’s battery drains extreme fast and I tried to find out some ways to reduce the battery drainage and make ...
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Should I charge phone overnight or let battery down to a minimum?

For many times I found myself in a situation, that my battery charge was about 25-30% when I was going to sleep. Since I was always told to not let battery down below 20% (correct me, if that's wrong) ...
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Charging Nexus 5 to 100% [duplicate]

Is it wrong to fully charge your android phone in general to 100% will it hurt battery life? and is it also to drain your battery to below 20% will it also hurt the battery life?
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How to measure the charge left in a dying battery?

This question is not relative to a specific phone model, even though I will cite my P1000. My P1000 is 3 years old, and it is often suddenly turning off (no shutdown sequence, just goes dead) out of ...
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Are there any issues in storing an Android battery?

I want to buy a 2nd battery for my i9100 because the phone is getting old and I don't know if parts will be easily available a couple of years on (don't want to upgrade, I like it too much), but I've ...
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Is it safe to keep Android charging through USB all day? [duplicate]

When I'm in front of the computer, I always keep my Android phone plugged into a USB cable so it's always at a 100% charge and I can type text messages from the convenience of my PC keyboard. Still, ...
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