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Why do I have so little unused RAM? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are there guidelines on how much free RAM a phone should have - specifically Samsung Galaxy S? 0 ram free on ICS My device (ASUS TF201, unrooted, stock Firmware) is running ...
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How come my free ram keeps getting less and less? [duplicate]

I have a Samsung gs3 gt 19300 running on cyanogen mod 10.2 stable version, so far it has been smooth other than the ram problem (which I also encounter when using stock ROM) Whenever I restart, I ...
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How to Increase RAM in my karbonn s2 [duplicate]

my karbonn s2 has 512 MB RAM but it is always shows 85 % full I have installed RAM cleaner app but not happy with it. sometimes my phone hang down. what can be done to increase the memory (RAM) ?
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100% RAM Used.what to do? [duplicate]

i have huawei g5000-5000 mobile whith 512 mb ram which has 479 mb free and a quad-core processor.offlate i have seen it has 0mb free ram and i am not able to do any work.whenever i open any app it ...
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My phone use so much ram [duplicate]

I have a samsung note 2 but I have a problem 1GB ram is always used even if I don't use any app and that drain his battery he have 4.3 android (I tried update but I can't find new one) is this normal ?...
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Does clearing RAM actually help in performance before opening a game? [duplicate]

I have the samsung a32 5g. Is it a good idea to clear RAM often on your phone? I have 4GB total and notice it is always usually using 2GB, and 3GB when I have opened apps recently. To prevent app game ...
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Can you actually determine the mAh of a battery?

You can skip the story part but for better reference, please read it: A Little Story My phone claims it has a battery of 4000 mAh that lasts for 3 days. I got the phone, really psyched because of ...
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Android 5 memory usage for Nexus 5

Before Android L update my mobile(Nexus 5) used to use around 1GB RAM. Now, it's using around 1.6GB RAM leaving me only 250MB free memory. When I look into device memory, it's showing System is using ...
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Choosing apps to load and remove from memory when using Android

I'm not a programmer. And as far as I know, Android uses as much RAM as possible, loading as many apps as possible, so that launching / opening (or returning to them) is smoother. My question is: Is ...
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Android 4.1.1 consumes too much memory

My HTC One S has been upgraded to 4.1.1 and I noticed that it started consuming too much memory. When I had 4.0, average memory consumption was about 300-450 MB. But now it is on the level of 700-850 ...
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Is There Any Way To Increase Internal Memory?

My internal memory is 1 GB. After I reboot it changes to 64 MB. When I check the space on internal storage, I only see built in apps and shows no free space.
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How to kill processes to get maximum available RAM?

I am trying to kill all unwanted background processes (especially the ones started by zygote) on a rooted android phone (any version and any model), so that I have the maximum possible RAM available ...
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Why Large RAM use with my Galaxy Nexus verizon while Little RAM use with Galaxy Nexus GSM?

Galaxy Nexus verizon ROM:10.2-20131017-SKANK-toro Galaxy Nexus GSM ROM:CM11 From the picture, you can see that verizon system uses a large amount RAM while GSM not. Why that happend? And recently ...
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