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How can I rename my Android device? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I change the name of my Android device? It has a really long cryptic name. I want to rename it to something shorter.
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What is my phone's hostname/network name?

This should be really easy to find, but I've done a bunch of google searching and haven't found anything that works. On Linux, you just type hostname and it tells you, but that doesn't work on my ...
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How to change wifi device name on Android 7?

How can I change the device name of an unrooted Android 7.0-based Gigaset GS170 smartphone so it appears with a meaningful/readable name e.g. in a router's list of connected wifi devices? Various ...
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How to ping a local network host by hostname?

I recently wiped my phone and now I am unable to ping a machine by the hostname. Pinging by IP works. I have a machine, let's say it is called NAS. From my Router and PC, ping NAS finds the machine. ...
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Where is the "android_id" stored and when does it change?

I want to build a device_id with android_id, any one knows the answer to these three questions? Where is the android_id value stored? When is the android_id value initialized, i.e. the first time ...
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Connecting to WiFi via ADB Shell

I've tried all publicly discussed methods I could find to connect to WiFi via ADB on a phone with a broken screen (no display/no touch). The closest I have got is via wpa_cli using the method #1 ...
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Is dhcpcd used in newer Android versions? How to configure new DHCP client?

Basically, there's a file /etc/dhcpcd/dhcpcd.conf . Is this file or dhcpcd used at all? My phone runs Android 7.1.2 and I wanted to change the default hostname using the hostname somename line in this ...
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How to assign a hostname to an Android device?

When you connect to a WiFi network, the router assigns an IP to the android device (like Now when a FTP or HTTP file server is run on the android device, other devices should type that ...
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How can I know the hostname of an Android phone for use in SSH connection?

When setting up public key authentication on SimpleSSHD server on my Android phone, by Quick start Install SimpleSSHD. On any computer which ...
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Change Phone name on Nexus 4

When I look into the logs of my router, I have trouble identifying my own phone. How can I change the name of my phone, on my nexus 4 running latest Android OS, without rooting it? Is it even ...
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What results in blank net.hostname property on Android device using ADB?

Referring to You can check the device's hostname with net.hostname property (no root needed ...
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Android 9 on Sony Xperia XA2 not accepting any incoming connections on WiFi

I got an XA2 and did all the updates, which gave me Android 9. I have a few other Android devices but all on versions 6 to 8. I routinely use FTP servers on Android devices to get files onto them. ...
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