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How to use Wi-Fi and hotspot at the same time on Android?

Is it possible to create a Wi-Fi hotspot from an Android device using its Wi-Fi connection rather than Cellular data? Without the help of any third-party application (Like Netshare), by changing some ...
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Turn On Both Wifi and Wifi Hotspot [duplicate]

Currently I am using HTC Desire A8181. Currently it is connected to some wifi for Internet. I need to use this device as a Wifi Hotspot to connect Multiple devices. Need Some one help to use Both Wifi ...
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Tethering internet over WiFi [duplicate]

Consider I am using a WiFi hotspot (authenticated with password) for internet on my mobile. Is it possible to tether the connection to another device via any WiFi, USB, or Bluetooth? Let me be clear ...
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How to configure a smartphone as a Wi-Fi range extender (repeater)? [duplicate]

My Wi-Fi router's signal is too weak to reach my room (around a corner). I have an Android smartphone. What steps would I follow to configure it as a Wi-Fi repeater?
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Can we use an Android phone as a Wi-Fi repeater? [duplicate]

Can we use an Android phone as a Wi-Fi repeater? Imagine situation when you can access a weak Wi-Fi signal from a free hotspot (coffee shop) signal near window, but want to work in the middle of the ...
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How to change the default hotspot DHCP IP address range on Android?

As the title says I look for a way to permanently change the default IP address range form to Reason: On my router some of my devices get a static IP trough DHCP, in the ...
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How to use Android device as router without cellular connection?

I have an Android tablet that has no SIM card and no cellular connection. Is it possible to set it up as a discoverable WiFi access point? I know when you have a cellular connection you can set up ...
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Tethering an Toshiba AT100 to a Nokia E71

I want to tether an Toshiba AT100 tablet to my Nokia E71. Have installed JuikoSpot on the Nokia which creates an ad-hoc hotspot. It appears the AT100 only looks for infrastructure hotspots. Is there ...
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How to change the subnet mask for Wi-Fi hotspot without root access?

If I start a Wi-Fi hotspot, devices connect with IP addresses in the range How do I change that to the range ? I have read the answer to How to change the default DHCP ...
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Using Android phone as a WiFi repeater without using mobile data

There have been quite a few discussions related to this topic Can I use my phone as a WiFi-WiFi hotspot? [duplicate] Turn On Both Wifi and Wifi Hotspot [duplicate] How to use Wi-Fi and hotspot at the ...
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Using a wifi dongle to monitor network

I have an android smart box with a built-in wifi and I want to add a dongle to the box so that I can monitor the network. I have found a similar question with somewhat vague answer(at least to me); ...
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Is it possible to visit a localhost page of my pc on Android without wifi route?

I don't have a wifi router. I want to visit xampp localhost from my mobile. I have two android phone. Is it possible with any app to use a phone like wifi router and another phone to visit the ...
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how to convert android 10 phone to a software access point [duplicate]

I have an android 10 device which I would like to use use as software access point. I have broadband connection landline in my home. There are some corners where signals dont reach. So I want to use ...
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