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what is uses-permission "android.permission.INTERNET"? [duplicate]

I read something about uses-permission in android application , but I don't know what is "android.permission.INTERNET" , or why we need this.
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what is INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS_FULL permission? [duplicate]

In my project.. I needed to make multiuser enviroment. So I declared INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS_FULL permission. Then I also found INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS permission. INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS_FULL and ...
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Can `Phone Calls` application permission allow developer to read my contact book? [duplicate]

I wonder if other people can read my contact list when the app permission(s) has Phone Calls permision like below snapshot.
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Android permission and ProtectionLevel [duplicate]

How Do we find what level of Android permission is required for a specific permission. Lets say we have android.permission.SET_ACTIVITY_WATCHER(docs) What permission group does it fall into?(docs) ...
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Why do so many applications require permission to read the phone state and identity?

Why do so many applications require permission to read the phone state and identity?. Specifically: Phone calls read phone state and identity For example Quickpedia is a Wikipedia portal, but ...
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What can an app do with the "USE ACCOUNTS ON THE DEVICE" permission?

Can such an app freely read my emails/calendar/message/docs/etc.? The "USE ACCOUNTS ON THE DEVICE" permission is also known for developers as android.permission.USE_CREDENTIALS. Example of such apps:...
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What does permission "MANAGE_ACCOUNTS" mean?

Once in a while I read that MANAGE_ACCOUNTS Permission is needed (actually it is called "KONTEN HINZUFÜGEN ODER ENTFERNEN" as I have a German phone. I guess the text below is something like "Add or ...
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What does the "modify/delete USB storage contents" permission really mean?

What does the modify/delete USB storage contents permission really mean? Does it grant access for the application to read, modify and write all the data on my USB storage? Maybe it is this only ...
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Can the RECEIVE_SMS permission be used to intercept SMS messages?

I've noticed quite a few apps requesting the RECEIVE_SMS permission. Two things are clear to me here: RECEIVE_SMS enables an app to "snap" incoming SMS READ_SMS just applies to SMS already stored As ...
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Is it safe to use launchers?

I am new to android OS.I recently purchased nexus 5 and came to know about several launchers.They are just mind blowing experience.But one of my friends suggested me not to use launchers as they ...
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Read phone state and identity

I've looked at many (not all) of the dozens of links here. Is there a list that explains the risks involved with each granted application permission type? Most of these are not worth the time to ...
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Is there a list that explains the risks involved with each granted application permission type?

Usually, an installed Android app will request permissions such as Phone calls read phone state and identity or System tools prevent phone from sleeping But the actual consequences from a ...
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What is the Android Permission "WRITE_GSERVICES" doing?

There is a mysterious and undocumented Android Permission called: WRITE_GSERVICES. As usual Googles own documentation is even more mysterious than any bad fairytale, writing: android.permission....
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Can somebody explain how multi-user is implemented in android 4.4 [closed]

Can somebody please help in giving information on how multi-user partition is achieved on android 4.4. I was digging into 4.4 code specific to creating multiple users. There is class called ...
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What does "discover known accounts" permission mean?

I am not sure what an app can do to me if it is able to discover my account, to what extent? Thank you very much.
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