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How to back up applications in Android? [duplicate]

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How do I back up my Motorola Droid? [duplicate]

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How do I back up my phone? [duplicate]

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Transfer applications and settings from my old Android phone to my new one [duplicate]

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How to back up & restore a rooted phone? [duplicate]

Before handing in my OnePlus 6T for repair, I want to create a full system backup and reset the phone to factory defaults. Afterwards, I want to restore the original state. My phone is rooted with ...
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Creating copy of phone (apps, settings etc.) [duplicate]

I have two rooted Huawei P9 Plus phones running Android 7. Now I would like to copy the apps, the settings of the apps, the system settings etc. from one phone to the other phone so that both phones ...
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backing up apps for firmware upgrade [duplicate]

I really don't want to have to re-install all apps and sign into them after I upgrade firmware. Is there a way to back them up? Any tips that may ease the process are appreciated (I have my photos/...
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What happens with configurations and app data, practically, if I mod my device with custom firmware? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to backup an Android device? If I want to install a modified firmware like CyanogenMod, it seems like I should wipe the phone clean both before and after the operation. ...
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How to save an ISO (or similar) of a whole Lexibook tablet (Android SO)? [duplicate]

A friend has 2 Lexibook android tablets (kids' tablets). One is completely clean and the other is fine. He wants his clean android to be exactly the same as his good one. How does he copy? I got ...
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How to fully backup non-rooted devices?

I know I'm asking for the close-to-impossible -- as a real full-backup certainly requires root permissions. But still there are many folks around not wanting to root their devices -- afraid of voiding ...
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Back up not only games, but also game progress before flashing ROMS [duplicate]

I have a Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100) And I'm about to flash a custom rom on it. I've done it a bunch of times but what really irritates me is that I lose all progress made on the games that I have on my ...
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What to do before root and flash my phone?

Right now I have in my phone the stock rom and I haven't rooted it. I want to root it and change the rom. What should I do first, root or flash the rom? I don't want to lose all the configuration, ...
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How to backup&restore Android device?

i have a new Nexus 4 (i.e. Jellybean 4.2.1), and i want to backup my current Nexus 4 and restore it onto the new Nexus 4. How can i do that? i've tried going into Settings -> Backup & reset -> ...
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How to update my Vodafone 858 Smart? [duplicate]

I have a Vodafone 858 Smart, a branded Huawei U8160 running Android 2.2 Froyo. If possible, how can I update its firmware to Android 2.3?
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