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Charging Nexus 5 to 100% [duplicate]

Is it wrong to fully charge your android phone in general to 100% will it hurt battery life? and is it also to drain your battery to below 20% will it also hurt the battery life?
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Does constant charging harm my Android cellphone?

I usually disconnect my cellphone from the charger some time after it's fully charged because I'm afraid the battery could lose capacity over time if I don't. However, I believe modern electronics ...
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Do I have to charge my phone before I use it the first time?

When I got my last phone, a Sony Ericsson k850i, I was recommended to charge it fully once before I even turned it on. Does this apply today as well, for my coming HTC Desire HD? Why was I recommended ...
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How frequently is it okay to let the battery discharge fully or as low as possible?

I know that atleast once or twice a month a full battery drain and then a 100% charge helps increase the battery life and also gives more accurate battery readings. I was wondering, how frequently is ...
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How can I take a photo when battery <20%?

How can I take photo when battery level is less than 20%? My Samsung Galaxy S always says "battery low" and then closes the camera application when I try to. Is there a way to get around this? Or is ...
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Why does my phone automatically power off when there is still 2% battery?

My Moto X Play on Android 6.0 would automatically power off when the battery displays 2% remaining. When I try to turn it back on, I would get a "low battery" symbol, which means my phone didn't ...
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First battery charge on new tablet?

I got yesterday a Galaxy Tab 3 and I want to be sure what's the best way for the first battery charge. On the shop, they told just turn it on, wait for the battery to finish and then charge it to 100% ...
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What should I do after installing a new battery?

I'm going to take the plunge to take apart my One (M8) to replace it's battery tomorrow and I was wondering what I should do to increase its battery life right off the bat. Should I charge it to full ...
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Should I charge phone overnight or let battery down to a minimum?

For many times I found myself in a situation, that my battery charge was about 25-30% when I was going to sleep. Since I was always told to not let battery down below 20% (correct me, if that's wrong) ...
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Initial Charge Problems

I bought my Android last January and I forgot to charge it for 8 hours. What will be the effect on my Android and battery life? ( battery type is Lithium Polymer)
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Is it safe to keep Android charging through USB all day? [duplicate]

When I'm in front of the computer, I always keep my Android phone plugged into a USB cable so it's always at a 100% charge and I can type text messages from the convenience of my PC keyboard. Still, ...
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