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Broken screen while debug mode was disabled. How can I re-enable adb?

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How to unlock Android phone without the touch screen

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Broken Screen + Using adb shell to run vnc server

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What can I do with an Nexus One with a broken LCD?

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Broken screen/glass, turned off, pc-controll? HELP? [duplicate]

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Sync saved wifi passwords from defected mobile

I had an accident few days ago and broke the screen of my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, everything in it is working fine, even the touching system is working fine as well, but I want to retrive the saved ...
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How can I long press on android screen projected on PC using adbcontrol?

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Access to smartphone with PC

I've reset my phone (Android 4.3) but because the touchscreen is not fully responding, I can't go through the initial tutorial and therefore using some apps like airdroid to remotely control my phone ...
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How do I access my Android if the screen and digitizer are broken?

I have a Motorola. The OEM unlock is on and so is USB debugging. How would I access this device if I am unable to use the touch screen or see what's going on? I am new to developing and have no idea ...
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