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Can I use multiple Android devices with a single Google account?

Surprisingly I haven't found a satisfactory answer for this in a FAQ somewhere or anything. I have a Motorola Droid (with froyo, if it matters) I am thinking about getting a Samsung Galaxy Tab. ...
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How to resume app restore after stopping it on first opening Google Play?

I've installed a fresh stock ROM from Google site on my Galaxy Nexus. At the time I've opened the Google Play and started installing the 157 apps... the problem is that I needed to stop downloading ...
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Find when device was activated [duplicate]

I am trying to figure out when my devices (tablet, tv dongle, etc) were activated. Is there a place (in google account settings, device files, anywhere) this data can be obtained? My devices are ...
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What info does Google backup?

Does anyone know what exactly does Google backup (and restore) when you enable that option? Also, are we able to see this list somewhere? (Maybe hidden n-levels deep in Google Account information?) ...
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What exactly is this App Data that is being backed up to Google?

Anyone know exactly what "app data" consist off? I'm refering to the new App Data-backup adapter that Google pushed out a while ago. I have a notes application. From what I can see, it don't save the ...
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What exactly is synced with Google?

If you enable syncing to Google, what exactly is synced in a more technical way? E.g. about syncing app data, I guess there is just one standard path synchronized? Has anyone seen a more technical ...'s user avatar
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How does Android sync the WiFi Profiles?

I'm using Jelly Bean on a tablet and a phone on the same account. After logging into a particular wifi network on one device, I noticed that sometime later (weeks) the other device had some acquired ...
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How do I restore my Android tablet from Google servers?

I sent my Android tablet for repair and it came back from the manufacturer with the data and applications missing. How do I restore the tablet from the Settings -> Backup Google servers?
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How can I disconnect a phone from Google's data backup service?

Right now, I have two phones - my now-old Galaxy Nexus and my new Galaxy S5. I want to keep my Galaxy Nexus around as a Chromecast controller and (via wi-fi) streaming media device. As such, I want to ...
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Wifi passwords were not restored on a new device

I got a new galaxy nexus phone running 4.2.2 and I noticed my WiFi passwords were not restored to this device. I skipped the account login upon first start, but added it later on. Am I missing ...
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How can I restore remembered wifi networks and saved wifi passwords?

I know this question has been asked before and I have searched google for far too long to not have an answer. So the situation is I have done a data wipe and a clean install. During the setup ...
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Sync saved wifi passwords from defected mobile

I had an accident few days ago and broke the screen of my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, everything in it is working fine, even the touching system is working fine as well, but I want to retrive the saved ...
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Why does this app not restore from Google Backup until I specify the set in adb?

I read this great answer about how sets work, but I'm seeing behavior I don't understand in this app. I just installed on a device that has never had the app installed (I think, see bottom) and ...
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System backup and restore with help of Google's system backup feature doesn't seem to work

I have had my phone set up from the start to backup to Google. I have done 3 resets now and none of my settings and apps or anything seem to come back. Is there a way to force this to happen? Perhaps, ...
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where android backup its data?

For some reason, I had to reset my nexus5. Thankfully, I had "Backup my data" on. So, most of my settings are back. But I need to access the backup to change the wallpaper position (it has reset my ...
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