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Link to download adb for Mac,please? [duplicate]

sorry but i cannot find a link to download adb for Mac..can somebody provide me a link,please?thank you!
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ADB doesn't detect the phone [duplicate]

My device is stuck in bootloop and my USB debugging is disabled. When I type adb devices in CMD, it says adb is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch file. Please ...
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How to fully backup non-rooted devices?

I know I'm asking for the close-to-impossible -- as a real full-backup certainly requires root permissions. But still there are many folks around not wanting to root their devices -- afraid of voiding ...
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How do I back up Google Authenticator?

I'm starting to use Google Authenticator for more and more things now, but I've just realized that if I lose my phone, or if I need to wipe and restore it to install new firmware, I will lose all of ...
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Is there a viable alternative to MTP for file transfer?

Since the latest versions (ICS+?) no longer have mass storage, is there any viable alternative to MTP? The protocol seems inherently broken and the decision to regress to this format seems like a ...
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How to get rid of update notifications for a given app in Google Play Store?

General question I have an app X installed on my device in version Y. I don't want to update it to any newer version (Y+z) for some reason. Still, the Google Play Store app always lists updates for X, ...
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How do I get my device detected by ADB on Linux?

I just got my shiny new Wileyfox Swift – and before putting it to use I want to oem unlock and root it (as I usually do with new devices ;) Trouble is, though usb-debugging is enabled on the device, ...
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Resize screen for Dead touch zone

I have Star N7189 (5.5") with the lower zone of touch screen dead The menu and back buttons don't work,but the physical home button works. I tried to press hard on the edges of the screen, I tried ...
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What is USB debugging? Can I keep it ON forever?

Sometimes I need to transfer some music from my PC to my Galaxy S2 and must always activate USB debugging. Then I think, can I keep it ON forever? I mean, Keep it ON for ever can give me a problem (...
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Is it possible to backup apk from an installed application?

I got some huge games which I don't play regularly but don't want to delete either. Is it possible to backup those apps as apk so that I can install them offline later? I'm not talking about backing ...
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Problems accessing message logs on Jelly Bean with aLogcat

Summary I have been having problems accessing the K9 log messages using aLogcat, see below for more details. What I would like to know is: Why are no log messages from K9 appearing in the aLogcat ...
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How to find out which file system is used by my device?

How do I find out which file system is used by my device's /system, /data and other partitions?
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How to root OnePlus One?

I want to root my shiny OnePlus One device aka flagship killer. There is no dearth of guides available on Internet and accessible easily via Google, but I'm not sure which one to follow as I don't ...
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Lollipop hide quick settings on Lock screen

I'm sure this would have been asked before. But I couldn't find out yet. I recently updated to Lollipop in my Sony Xperia Z phone. The notification bar and pull down settings are great. But on lock ...
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Resize screen to display only on working part of semi-functional touchscreen

I have a oneplus android phone. The touch screen recently started malfunctioning so that the bottom centimetre of the screen does not work, but the rest of the screen works perfectly well. ...
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