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How can I access cache files of an app? [duplicate]

I have a marshmallow device, it has custom ROM, and is obviously rooted. I am looking for a way to access the app data, cache of other apps. As I am rooted, I guess this is possible. I tried ...
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Where is the recovery installed on Android phones? [duplicate]

As far as I know, every Android phone has a stock recovery. Where is this recovery usually stored? On a separate partition in internal storage(usually an eMMC memory chip)?
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Where do Android apps store data?

Could you list all the possible directories where Android apps may store data? Can you also provide description of the kind of data stored in each directory?
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What kind of data is stored in /data/user directory?

It seems to store some kind of application data, but how is it different from /data/data directory?
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Is removing an app any different from disabling an app?

One of the main advantage of rooting is removing bloatware [I guess]. Is removing unwanted brand-based or operator-based app any different from disabling it from All Application in Settings? I don't ...
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How can I access multiple user spaces from adb?

I am running KitKat on a tablet with two users: primary (owner) and secondary. I need to access a file generated by an app of the secondary user. When I plug the tablet into my (Ubuntu) desktop via ...
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Android 4.1.1 system is consuming 4GB of my memory? [duplicate]

I bought an Android 4.1.1 tablet, the ad said "comes with 8 GB". But when I go to the system configuration I get: INTERNAL 1,18 GB total Apps 0,90 GB Available 161 MB NAND FLASH Total 4,55 GB Free ...
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Where should I install Toybox?

I own a rooted Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G running stock Android 4.1.2. If you have Android 6.0 "Marshmallow" or better, then you have Toybox. This is a package of command-line tools, handy for ...
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Please explain the android partition structure to me?

I've tried finding the answer myself, but everything that I am able to see seems to miss out the really basic first steps. Here's my logic: FIRST Look at the phone's specification. Lets say Samsung ...
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Filesystem hierarchy, that defines the directory structure and directory contents of Android?

I have searched, but haven't yet been able to find, an authoritative documentation of the filesystem hierarchy of the Android OS. Can someone tell me whether this exists at all and if so, where?
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What exactly is Device Memory and is it possible to see it's contents?

I'm using Sony Xperia L (Non-Rooted, Stock OS) which shows me I have 1.52 GBs of Device Memory. "Apps and Media" are taking up 0.98 GB and ~240MB is remaining free. I don't understand where all that ...
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Create a dd image of a Android 4.4.4 for forensics?

I'm a little new to the Android file system, I'm doing a project for a digital forensics class and I want to create a bit-for-bit image of my Nexus 5 running 4.4.4 stock, rooted. The normal way I ...
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MIssing internal storage

it says that internal storage is 8 GB and Ram is 2 GB.But while I can see only usable 3.65 GB internal storage.Where is the remaining memory goes?I am totally confused.Is Ram uses the 2Gb from this ...
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4Gb Storage: Why can it only use 1.6GB?

Why do Android phones say they have 4GB storage but then cazn only use 1.6GB of it? Why is this? Is it possible to access all that other space? If you see below it confirms how much space this phone ...
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Where are Messages and other data like Application caches or even Applications saved?

Where are the Datas like Messages or Applications exists, i have looked at many stackexchange's Android questions and found that its in data/ location, but when i tried searching for data/ but find ...
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