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Where are WhatsApp messages stored? [duplicate]

Where are WhatsApp messages stored when they arrive? They are stored in backup at 4 AM but before that, where are our latest messages stored? How can we access this location?
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What folder are Google Podcasts downloads stored in? [duplicate]

I want to pull some podcast downloads off my phone, and put them on my computer. I have plugged my phone into my computer's USB port. What folder can I find my Google Podcast downloads in? My ...
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Where is physical location of apps in Android 12 [duplicate]

Where is physical location of apps in Android 12? I use x-plore as file manager to browse files. I look in both internal and SD storage but cannot find many apps. These same apps show on my phone and ...
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Cant delete system files on rooted phone [duplicate]

I'm using zarchiver as a file managing app on my rooted phone... I cant delete some specific app folders in /system/app even though I remounted it as rewritable.... in rewritable it will ...
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Location of android browsers' (Chrome and Brave) open tabs [duplicate]

virtually all android browsers remember and load all my open tabs every time I open whatever browser I want to use. Where is this file browsers use to reload all open tabs when restarting? Is there a ...
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Where can I find User Data of an app? [duplicate]

I have downloaded an app on my phone because I want to take out information from it. It has pages (In image form, probably PNG) that I need on my computer. I went to storage and I clicked on the app, ...
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How do I correctly backup android apps with a PC for a factory reset? [duplicate]

I want to reset my phone. I want to preserve some apps state across the reset. I don't want to use third party software. Which folders do I have to copy?
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Get the actual app's data files location [duplicate]

tl;dr One of my apps stores its data in some weird place that isn't covered by Google backup. And thus it was not restored after the latest system recovery. I've lost all my data for that single app. ...
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The normal directories of storage of this app is empty. Does it got anything to do with my phone being unrooted? [duplicate]

There is an educational app in my android phone that allows me to download videos for studying them offline. I have downloaded a lot of videos and have my storage filling up to the brink because of it....
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Where is the bitcoin wallet file location on android smartphone? [duplicate]

I'm trying to find the bitcoin wallet files on my phone Anyone can help?
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Where is the phone blacklist stored? [duplicate]

I have a problem with spam calls, they call me many times a day. To solve this problem, I've tried many call blockers apps (NoPhoneSpam, Calls Blacklist, CallBlocker, etc...) and none of them work. ...
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Why there's an "Android" folder in my phone's storage? [duplicate]

I'm just wanted to know why there's an Android folder. As we all know that the data which apps stores for itself stores in root directory which is "data/data" but why there's an Android ...
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I want to access the data of Metamask [duplicate]

I want to have access to the data of the Wallet MetaMask on my android phone. After an error occured I can't enter my wallet. This error occured: Metamask encountered an error due to reaching a ...
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Where does Whatsapp store its data on the phone? [duplicate]

I was clearing up some storage in my phone. The File Explorer App says Whatsapp takes 10.68 GB (see screenshot 1), whereas the folder Android/media/com.whatsapp is only 6.23 GB (see screenshot 2). Is ...
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Where are Android contacts stored? [duplicate]

I have a dual-boot Linux/Android phone. I want to get my contacts off the Android partition. Where is that file stored? I tried googling it, but it seems like everyone is trying to sell me an app that ...
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