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Where Chrome store its settings in andriod? [duplicate]

Long story short, I've got many tabs (over 200) opend in my old phone's Chrome browser and some of them aren't bookmarked, Now I got a new phone and wants to transfer all of the settings and tabs from ...
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Where in the file system are applications installed?

I have installed a few Android applications both with the adb install MyApplication.apk command and via a webserver (like an alternative to Android Market). But where in the Android file system on my ...
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Where on the file system are SMS messages stored?

Where in the file system are SMS messages stored? I'm using ES File Explorer to browse around but can't seem to find this - is it on the phone or the SD, and where? I have an HTC Wildfire but I ...
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Android Folder Hierarchy

On Android's root (/), what is the purpose of each folder? I want to learn the folder hierarchy structure. I would like to know the differences between Android 2.3 and 4.x, if they have different ...
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Is removing an app any different from disabling an app?

One of the main advantage of rooting is removing bloatware [I guess]. Is removing unwanted brand-based or operator-based app any different from disabling it from All Application in Settings? I don't ...
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How disk space is used on Android device?

I have critical low storage level and can't understand what takes much of it and how that's possible that the installed applications can use 7 GB? I only use a few social media clients without any ...
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How to stop apps writing to "Android" folder on the SD card?

I have a (seemingly) simple question to which I haven't found a clear answer to. My phone creates an "Android" folder on my SD card and I'm wondering if it could be moved into the phone's internal ...
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How do you delete downloaded songs in Spotify?

I'm trying to make a Nandroid backup in TWRP but don't have enough space. I'm pretty sure if I deleted my 500+ downloaded songs there would be enough space. How do I clear out the Spotify songs?
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List of special Android SD card folders?

I've seen mention of special folders on the SD card such as "ringtones" and "notifications" . What is the full list of special folders recognized by Android's (Froyo preferred) configuration and its ...
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Why are superuser permissions needed to acess /data partition?

The default account is normal user, and I used it to install Google Play Store APK (to /data). Then Google Play Store was opened using my current user's permissions, and it is used to download and ...
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Check what storage an app uses?

Is there a way to check what storage a third party application is using? i.e which of these it uses?
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How can I access cache files of an app? [duplicate]

I have a marshmallow device, it has custom ROM, and is obviously rooted. I am looking for a way to access the app data, cache of other apps. As I am rooted, I guess this is possible. I tried ...
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Geometry Dash custom songs download location

I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 (Model Number - SM-G388F) running KitKat 4.4.4. I would like to have some of these songs on my computer and phone, and this means that I need to find the ...
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How can I access the folders where Firefox mobile stores its application data

I know the information is supposed to be at data/data/org.mozilla.firefox/ but I cannot seem to view/access them. My device is rooted, and I've checked device storage as well as external storage, ...
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Viewing the content of Android cache

Where in the system is cached application data stored? Is there any way to view it programmatically? I know there are several applications available in the market to view and clear the memory. But I ...

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