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Backup/Restore Android [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I perform a full pre-rooting backup of an Android phone? I am considering rooting my Motorola Droid, and I am wondering if it is possible to revert back to the exact ...
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Backup Android 2.3.6 app data before rooting [duplicate]

I want to create a backup of application data (game highscores etc.) for Android version 2.3.6, before I try to root. How to do it? Helium (Carbon) and Z4Root aren't compatible with my OS version / ...
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How to fully backup non-rooted devices?

I know I'm asking for the close-to-impossible -- as a real full-backup certainly requires root permissions. But still there are many folks around not wanting to root their devices -- afraid of voiding ...
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How can data on an unrooted phone be backed up?

What methods are available to back up data (both system and application) from a phone which is not rooted and is running stock Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread? It is my understanding that it is impossible ...
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How do I know when "adb backup" is finished?

I have a non-rooted Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and I wanted to try the "adb backup" feature. Possibly in preparation for rooting, but that's not really relevant to the question. I want to back up ...
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How to factory reset without data loss and undue pain?

I ran into a serious SMS bug, which knowledgeable users seem to be saying means the SMS message database is corrupt (source 1, source 2). This is consistent with my current experience. In my case I ...
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Can I make a full backup of my phone with Odin and without root?

As a follow up to this question, is it possible to use Odin (or Heimdall) to save a complete image of my phone without root? Odin already allows me to completely overwrite pretty much everything on ...
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How to backup&restore Android device?

i have a new Nexus 4 (i.e. Jellybean 4.2.1), and i want to backup my current Nexus 4 and restore it onto the new Nexus 4. How can i do that? i've tried going into Settings -> Backup & reset -> ...
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How to Backup when Samsung G S3 not booting stuck at Samsung logo?

How to Backup when Samsung Galaxy S3 not booting stuck at Samsung text logo? I can boot in the "Android System Recovery" Mode using "Volume Up"+"Home"+"Power". I don't have ADB USB Debug set up. ...
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How can I backup all of my data to a PC without rooting?

I am an ex-Nokia user and used to backup the data with their PC Suite which is great and can backup everything easily and is a free application. How do I do the same with HTC Incredible S? [ I do ...
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Should I reset my phone and how do I back up my phone's data?

I've got a new Telstra Smart-Touch Next Generation and I logged on to my G-mail account so I could use the calender and other apps. After a while I realised that my credit was being eaten up bit by ...
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How can I make a full, restorable image of my pre-root Android hard drive, as in Clonezilla?

In Clonezilla, one boots OS-1 (Clonezilla) on Drive-1 (USB stick) in order to make a full, restorable image of Drive-2 (which may contain OS-2) on Drive-3 (the backup drive). One does not need any ...
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What happens with configurations and app data, practically, if I mod my device with custom firmware? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to backup an Android device? If I want to install a modified firmware like CyanogenMod, it seems like I should wipe the phone clean both before and after the operation. ...
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