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Is there a minimal installation of ADB?

When it comes to troubleshooting, I often read recommendations like "Use adb logcat to find some more details". Looking for a good way to backup all my apps including their data, Full Backup of non-...
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Configuring ADB for Nexus 4 on Ubuntu 11.10

I'm trying to deploy and test an Android app on my Nexus 4 from my Ubuntu 11.10 computer, but ADB doesn't recognize it. I think I need the Google USB drivers, but I cannot find instructions on how to ...
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Linux fails to mount Android device in USB MSC mode

I wish to mount my Sony Xperia ST21i (Android 4.0.4) under Linux (Debian) via USB. However, I get this error: # mount /dev/sdb /mnt mount: no medium found on /dev/sdb What I did so far: On the ...
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How to connect Sony Xperia L with Ubuntu?

How do I connect my Sony Xperia L in MTP mode with Ubuntu? If I connect in MTP mode, Ubuntu fails to read my files from internal storage. What can I do?
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Enabling MTP in HTC Desire S

My use case scenario is following: push some data from pc to smartphone and have an app there that detects and read that data. I know that there is MTP protocol that allows both pc and mobile device ...
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MTP changes with Android 12 update on Pixel 5?

I have a Google Pixel 5 that recently updated to Android 12. Since then, it has not been able to connect to my Debian 11 Linux desktop to transfer files in the usual way. The "usual way" is, ...
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adbfs-rootless: "Transport endpoint is not connected"

I was looking for a way to mount my phone in Linux, over USB, and I came across a recommendation to use adbfs. I was able to download the files to a directory and run make, and I created a ...
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Unable to mount USB Storage of ECOO E04 Plus Android device in Ubuntu

I have two phones. Ecoo E04 Plus and MLAiS M52. Both running Kitkat 4.4.4. Both phones configured the same wrt USB connect mode (USB Storage). Both have USB debugging off. When I connect the M52, a ...
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When modifying files, I am getting permission denied

I downloaded Android Bridge, and set my phone to debug mode. Using the console, I can enter the phone file system but when I try to modify files, it tells me "no permission." How can I bypass this ...
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Change the filesystem mounted when plugged in to USB

Is there a way to change the mount location when plugging a device into USB? I want to move it to the root directory. I am rooted. Please note that I want no setup done on the PC, that is, do not ...
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