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Possible Duplicate: How to move phone contacts to Google? I am using my New Samsung Galaxy Y mobile phone. In My Contacts, I see that some are in SIM Memory, Some are in Phone Memory while others ...
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Change existing contacts from 'phone' to 'gmail' [duplicate]

When the contact items (or several) are set to 'phone', how can they be changed to 'gmail' in order to sync? In the post Contacts Sync problems: phone contacts not syncing to Google, it says that ...
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Export to SD card disabled [duplicate]

On my Samsung Galaxy Tab, I have contacts stored on the Device Contacts and Google Account Contacts. Since only the latter get synced, I want to change the former in Google Contacts format. I read ...
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How do I import all contacts from a SIM-card to an Android phone?

My mother have got a HTC Wildfire with Android 2.2. Now I want to import all contacts from her old SIM-card to the phone. I did it and it worked. Then I switched to the new SIM-card, and now when I ...
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Good idea to transfer all phone numbers from SIM card to google contacts?

I am new to the whole smartphone thing. Currently all of my telephone contacts are on my SIM card. I suspect it makes sense to move all my phone numbers from the SIM card to my Google contacts (i.e. ...
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How can I save all contacts into google account?

I did it using Gingerbread (Samsung Galaxy Ace 2), but with Ice Cream Sandwich (LG L5) I don't see appropriate action for that. Previously I entered Contacts (ok), then selected Settings (ok), ...
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Is it possible to merge contacts from different sources and upload them to GMail?

I'd like to merge contacts from different sources -- i.e., imported contacts from phone, from sim card, and from my gmail account -- and upload the ultimate contact on my gmail account. For instance, ...
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How to import contacts from galaxy s3 to nexus 5?

How do you import contacts from a Galaxy S3 to a Nexus 5? They're both Android devices, so is it a simple process? Do I need to save them to a SIM card?
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Search Contacts with all Voice Search Commands?

Is there any way to integrate voice search's navigate to/directions to/map of commands with your contact list? If I want to go to Bob Jones's house, I don't want to go to Bob Jones Co.
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How to save all contacts to Google with a broken SD card?

Today my SD Card broke. I do not have a replacement. I have some important contacts on my phone which were not synchronized with Google. Before formatting the sdcard (as a last restort to see if I do ...
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