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Editing the apps within factory reset

Much like flashing a new custom Rom that's been de bloated, there are some factory apps, and some are stripped. My question is, can you edit the apps that are within the factory reset? So when you DO ...
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How to remove unwanted system applications in Andriod on Samsung Tab 4 T231? [duplicate]

Several apps come preloaded on the tablet and I want to trash them. What's the way out?
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Can I remove all these garbage apps without rooting the phone? [duplicate]

I just got a Samsung Galaxy 2 from Docomo in Japan. The only thing I don't like about it is that it came with about a million pre-installed apps, 99% of which are just garbage that clutter my ...
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How to remove bloatware in non-rooted android smartphone? [duplicate]

Is therr anyway to remove the system app via adb or else ? I am not talking about disabling application!?
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Samsung WhatsOn Video won't unintsall/disable

I tried to uninstall/disable it but the "Disable" and "Show notifications" are greyed out -- I have not rooted phone. I am running Android 4.2.2 on a GT-19205 Mega. Note that the normal "Whatson" app ...
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How to uninstall default apps [duplicate]

I wish to uninstall (or at least disable) some of the applications that the manufacturer installed on my Samsung Galaxy Tab computer. I tried Settings → Application manager → ALL, but ...
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Delete programs pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy 551 [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I uninstall applications that are locked by phone vendor? How can I delete some programs that are pre-installer on my phone? On settings I can't delete them, is there ...
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How do you remove locked apps without rooting? With Android SDK? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I uninstall applications that are locked by phone vendor? I really don't want to root my phone. It works fine as is, except for having the extra unwated apps. Can one ...
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Deleting apps from android phone that can't sign in

We have an old android phone that grandchildren use for play. No SIM card, but on wifi. The Google account previously used is obsolete, so we can't sign in. But without signing in, the "play store" ...
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Delete inbuilt apps completely after rooting

I have a Samsung Galaxy on7, running on Android 6.0.1. It has a lot of pre installed apps that I consider bloatware. I want to remove them completely from the phone. Recently, I tried removing these ...
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How to delete bloatware from Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 without a PC

How can I permanently delete Samsung Bloatware from my Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 without connecting to a PC?(I don't have a PC, only a Mac) I understand that there is a way, but none that show it will work ...
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Remove ATT Apps [duplicate]

I just got a S3 from ATT and I see there's plenty of ATT apps I don't like. My friend recommended me other apps that are better that replace the ATT apps. How can I remove these apps? the unsinstall ...
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how to delete app? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I uninstall applications that are locked by phone vendor? I have an app on my phone called I can't seem to remove it at all. I tried going to Application ...
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How to remove Samsung native email app from Galaxy S2? [duplicate]

I only use the Gmail app. It's annoying to have the email icon always popping aside from the Gmail icon in every contact of my phone when I only use Gmail. Is there a way to uninstall or wipe the ...
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Can I uninstall built in apps? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I uninstall applications that are locked by phone vendor? Can I uninstall default applications that come with the Android OS? For eg:contacts,calendar,message.
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