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Google 2 Step Verification adds an extra layer of security on top of a Google account thus preventing the usage of the propagation of the real password on simultaneous devices.

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Google prompt won't show up after I flashed my phone

2-Step enabled, and I keeped backup codes. This is what I did: Before I flashed my phone, I logout my google account. Then after I flashed my phone, I logged in google accout from my phone by using ...
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gmail does not show messages in outlook -- install as imap?

I have a OnePLus 7 (not Pro) and use the Outlook app for certain reasons (work). Because I don't want multiple mail programs if I can avoid it, I always had my Gmail account in there which always ...
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Could I use 2 step verification on my BlueStacks?

When I was checking my google account for some stuff, I noticed that google recognized my virtual BlueStacks emulator as an connected device So I was thinking if I could use my BlueStacks to actually ...
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How to remove someone's google account off my phone when asked to verify

We are going through custody battles atm, and I allowed my child to take her phone to her mother's, in case she needed me or felt unsafe. Her mom took the phone, removed my google account, added hers ...
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2-step Verification No Popup only hear the sound?

The 2-step verification used to work. But today, when I sign in the account, my android device does not popup the verificaiton window at all. I only hear the notification sound, but no popup and no ...
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add yahoo mail to android phone having two step verification active?

Any help? I want to get rid of the lousy Yahoo app on android. it has a lot of problems regarding notifications.. But when I try to add yahoo account in the Android-Email app, it says: Login failed:...
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Problems with two-step verification on a new SIM

I recently purchased a new SIM. When I try to install WhatsApp, it asks for a PIN that was apparently created by the previous owner for two-step verification. What should I do?
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Dump google authenticator keys [duplicate]

I have a lot of entries in the google authenticator app. Those entries were originally entered by scanning QR-codes. If I lose my phone, those entries are lost, and my experience tells me that some ...
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Deleted Sec. Google Account. Now I'm stuck

So basically, I wanted to make an inapp purchase, but my secondary useless account would always be the default account and it was unchangeable. After days of struggling I decided to simply completely ...
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How to login to Android with Security Key?

I would like to login to my android by my security key. The phone has NFC support which is the easiest way to authenticate the login if supported. I am thinking how to accomplish the task by 3rd ...
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Very strange: Google keeps on sending 2-step sms

I have 2 phones: an android one, sim-less, that I use only on wifi, and an old Nokia I use everyday (charging it once a week, which is what I need) I enabled google 2-step authentication on the ...
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Why am I unable to login to Play Store app after password reset when I can login with the same password in the desktop version?

It's almost an hour and a half I had reset my password on Gmail and selected log me out of all devices. So for which I need to re-login to Play Store in order to view my apps. But the problem is that ...
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2-Step Verification code not automatically detected on Android

I just got a new Samsung Galaxy S5 and had it activated on my carrier. I opened the Play Store and entered my gmail and password. Next it says: 2-Step Verification Verifying your phone ...
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2-step authentication calling me in Thai. I don't speak Thai.

I setup google 2-step authentication through Google Apps. I linked my Skype number by Voice instead of SMS. SMS wasn't going through. It's a US number. I'm trying to login on my Android phone in ...
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How to migrate accounts to new Google Authenticator app?

I broke my cellphone which had the Google Authenticator app and several other accounts attached to it for two factor authentication like Dropbox, Evernote, AWS, etc. Now I got a new phone and ...
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Sync failed when I have 2steps verification

I do on phone factory reset and after that I can't sync when I have turned on 2steps verification but when I turn off verification all works correct. Any suggestions?
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How do I setup a Gmail account with 2-step verification in K-9 Mail?

I'm trying to setup my Gmail account in K-9 Mail, but when I'm setting up the incoming server, I keep getting the error: "Wrong username or password". When I'm trying to set up an outgoing server, I ...
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Cannot sign-in Google account on Samsung Galaxy S with 2-step authentication

I recently use 2-step verification to sign-in my Google account. But after turning this on, I cannot sign-in my phone since no SMS is sent to my phone. What can I do to sign in now?
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Google two-step identification not working on my phone

I just turned on two-step identification on my Google account. It works fine on my desktop. It also works fine on my iPad with help of application-specific password. But I have troubles with my HTC ...
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Google Authenticator used by native apps?

I recently turned on two-step verification for my Google account and installed the Google Authenticator app on my Android device. Based on what I have read everywhere (even Google's official info: ...
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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 infinite login redirect with 2 step authentication

I've just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and tried to login with my google (gmail) account (which has 2 step authentication) and it redirected me to the web login which I completed (with the text ...
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Can I wipe my phone even if I use it for 2-step verification?

I fear that if I reset my phone to factory defaults I'll never be able to access my Google Account again, since I use the Google Authentication app on it to provide the 2nd step of the verification. ...
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Google two-step authentication and Android lock screen

After many failed screen unlock attempts, the user is required to enter the Google account password. That's a good idea. But what if I enabled Google's two-factor authentication, and then entered the ...
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Any hack to get rid of the "Too many password attempts" lock?

My kids often play with my phone which has a pattern lock screen, and it gets locked due to many attempts, then the phone is locked out and requires a password. I use 2-step verification, so in ...
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Android Password Recovery + 2 Step Auth. What happens?

I recently enabled two-step auth for my Google account, and I'm happy to say it works fine. However: Application specific passwords, like for Android are temporary, and the guide makes it obvious ...
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Multiple gmails in Android phone?

Is it possible have many gmail -accounts in Android phone? I want to have 2nd verification gmail and some non-2nd-verification gmails in the same phone with different security settings -- like "onion-...
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How can I get Google's two-step verification to work?

On my Android phone, I can't seem to use my Google Account because I have the 2-step verification enabled. Can I log into Google without disabling the 2-step verification system? Here is a link to ...
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Is it possible to use 2-step verification with multiple accounts on a phone?

Using 2-step verification with Google Authenticator on an Android handset provides good security for accessing Gmail and other Google services. What I am curious about is whether Google Authenticator ...
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