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Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security enhancement to the default authentication via username and password. If an account is 2FA-enabled, a second factor besides the password is required before a user is authenticated.

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Do I need to use a physical security key if already use Passkeys?

If I use Passkeys, do I need to enable 2fa and mfa or a physical security key?
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Can’t set up my Alcatel tablet through Google

I recently decided to use my Alcatel tablet but forgot the password to unlock the tablet, so I did a hard reset to factory settings which worked successfully. My issue is that I’m stuck on the 2-step ...
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Automate inserting 2FA code when screen is locked

I use a service for which I'm forced to use two-factor authentication whenever I log in. It's pretty inconvenient and unnecessary, so I would like to automate accepting the authentication request when ...
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I cannot sync time with Microsoft Authentication app

I can not log in with 2FA from Microsoft Authenticator. Although the time is correct on my Android phone, when I use the authenticator app, I can not log in to my sites. It displays the wrong code. ...
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Go to your old device in Google Authenticator to import 2FA codes

After installing the Microsoft Authenticator in a new device, I logged on to my MS account and all my 2FA app codes are there, as expected. Perfect. After installing Google Authenticator, no codes ...
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updating 2FA for a defunct phone number

I moved an account from phone x to phone y and secured the account so that phone x had no access anymore. Next I enabled 2FA through the phone number on the new phone, phone y and discarded phone x. ...
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How to set up PingID 2FA with third party OTP app

I would like to be able to generate pingID 2FA keys from a generic OTP app such as freeOTP for Android, authy for windowsOS or an OTP app of a smartwatch. The service allows me to enrol 2 devices and ...
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Google 2-Step Verification (Android) Google prompt does not send to every phone where signed in

For Google 2-Step Verification (Android) Google prompt, from Google UI, it states that 'After you enter your password, Google prompts are securely sent to every phone where you're signed in.' But, ...
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Forgot Authy password

I accidentally broke my OnePlus 5 which contained the recovery codes for my Instagram and Facebook, both were using Authy as their two factor authenticator. Thing is I apparently don't remember my ...
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How to set the time (including seconds) on Android

How do I set the time on Android, including setting the seconds? I have an android handset that has no SIM, is permanently on airplane mode, and therefore doesn't sync its time from cell towers. I ...
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Can an Android device be used for 2FA for an Apple/iCloud account?

Can an Android device be used for 2FA for an Apple/iCloud account? Google didn't return anything useful. (Couldn't find any appropriate tags to use)
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Outlook app constantly requiring two-factor authentication (TFA)

I have my Outlook app synced to a number of different accounts, including Gmail, Blacknight, and 3 different Outlook 365 email accounts. For the last 36 - 48 hours, 2 of the Outlook email accounts ...
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Is it possible to use Android Emulator to pass identity confirmation via Android Device?

My google account is requiring I confirm my identity using an Android device, but I have no android devices. I had logged in with one over 4 years ago, but no longer have any (switched to IOS for ...
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How can i reset my Gmail password from inbuilt Google settings of android if 2FA is enabled?

I've recently changed my gmail password and now i forgot password before this time i was able to reset it by OTP that Google sent to my number for verification but this time i enabled 2FA and Google ...
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How do I back up Google Authenticator?

I'm starting to use Google Authenticator for more and more things now, but I've just realized that if I lose my phone, or if I need to wipe and restore it to install new firmware, I will lose all of ...
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