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On Android 13, is there still a 2G kill switch?

A feature was introduced in Android 12 that prohibited 2G usage (except for emergency situations), that’s sometimes called the 2G kill switch. However, I now have a Samsung Galaxy A04s and the switch ...
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2G preferred network type on Android 13

I'm using a crDroid rom on a Samsung S8 phone and I have realized that google decided to fight 2G networks. I have only 3G and 4G options for preferred network type now in the rom settings. And if I ...
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Has the choice of "network mode" an effect on battery when mobile data is switched off?

I have read that 2G uses less battery than 4G LTE, especially if I don't need much data. Some sources : Does 4G ...
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Only use 2G for calls?

My current phone unfortunately does not support VoLTE, so I'm limited to 2G for calls. However, for all other uses (internet, messaging), even the worst LTE reception is still infinitely better than ...
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Can Truecaller get caller ID on 2G connection?

Truecaller emphasizes that it requires 3G/WiFi connection in order to tell caller ID. Does this mean that if I'm in an area where only 2G is available and no WiFi is available, Truecaller cannot get a ...
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Get SIM card connection info

If I want to know if I am connected 2G, 3G or 4G, how do I check that on Android? I don't seem to have any default SIM-related app on my phone, nor does the SIM setting screen give much information ...
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OnePlus 3 - 2G (GSM) network not working - Selected network (o2 - cz) unavailable

I have a weird Issue with my brand new Oneplus 3. It's not connecting to 2G network, or it connects, but calling/data does not work. when switching from 3G to 2G, it registers to network, even shows ...
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Tasker/Security Settings 2G switch not working on OnePlus X CM13

I'm stuck with my planned automatization with tasker and security settings. My idea is to automatically switch to 2G/GSM when I connect to a WLAN. When disconnecting I want to switch back to 3G/4G. I'...
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Missing 2G only on my Galaxy s4 I9505 on lollipop

I have a problem with receiving calls and text messages due to a weak 3G signal, now I want to make my phone and force it to work on the 2G mode only, but since I am on lollipop 5.0.1 I don't have ...
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Use 2G instead of 3G on Samsung Galaxy SL I9003

I have a Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 mobile phone. I prefer to use 2G data connection instead of 3G but I am unable to turn off the 3G service in my phone. How can I turn off the 3G service and use 2G ...
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Is it possible to disable 2g connections completely, while allowing 3/4g connections to continue?

I would like to completely disable all 2g connections, but allow 3g and 4g connections. Is this possible? how would one go about doing such a thing? I see options to disable 3g/4g to "save battery ...
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Mobile data is not working after missed call

I have this strange issue in Sony Xperia U. Currently I am using 6.1.1.B.1.100 bulid ICS 4.0.4. There is no option in mobile network to select 2g or 3g or 2g/3g. All I have is Use only 3g networks in ...
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2G disconnects Frequently

I have Intel XOLO (X900), I use a Airtel data connection(India). The network in my mobile 2G disconnects whenever I go home(at home there is poor network coverage). After I come out of my house, still ...
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How can I use 2G voice calls in Nexus 7 [duplicate]

I have bought a Google Nexus 7 3G Tablet. But, My country and area doesn't allow me to use 3G sims/Wi-Fi. We have only 2G sims. When I insert the sim, I can connect to the Internet. I can send and ...
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2G versus 3G: Does it really save battery?

I often hear the recommendation that fixing your device to 2G saves a lot of juice compared to using 3G. Is that true? Or is it really a myth?
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Simple way to toggle between 2G and 3G connection

TL;DR Usually, I have my device locked to "2G only" for multiple reasons: saving battery-life no need for "high-speed" to simply be informed about new mail or doing the little ...
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Why is internet switched off when switching 2G/3G?

I have a stock Android 4.2.2 on Galaxy Nexus, so I think this can be related to all Android phones. When switching from 2G to 3G and vice versa internet connection is switched off for a few seconds, ...
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Is it faster to send a picture message through 2G or Wi-Fi? [closed]

I have a LG Mytouch android smartphone. I need to send a picture out tonight!
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Android battery usage (3G, HSDPA and Edge)

In order to reduce battery usage I checked the Use only 2G networks from Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks on my Android. Then I noticed the E icon appeared instead of H on ...
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Which consumes less battery: Wi-Fi or 2G data?

I just want to know what consumes less battery Wi-Fi or 2G Data. My battery last long for 12- 16 hours only. I know there are lots of application which continually running and fetching data from ...
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In Android Is it possible to access the physical layer of 2G/3G to transmit voice/data

I wanted to make an walkie talkie app in android, i know there are a lot of apps like these but they use the Wi-fi or they are just web services. But if we want to like transmit voice/data on 2G/3G ...
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Does disabling mobile data revert from 3G to 2G?

When I disable mobile data in Android 2.2, the 3G symbol disappears. Does this revert my phone's signal to 2G? I don't want to lose my signal when I go to the subway, but I don't want to all my apps ...
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What are the benefits of 2G+3G mode?

Some of the advanced power control widgets or 2G/3G switching widgets allow the following options for the radio mode: 2G 3G only 2G+3G What are the benefits of 2G+3G over running 3G only? Are there ...
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