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For issues specific to the Android Debug Bridge (adb), a command-line tool to interact with Android devices and emulator instances. See the full tag wiki for details and hints.

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How do you extract an App's data from a full backup made through "adb backup"?

I have been backing up my Nexus 7 with adb backup to back up all files into an encrypted backup. I see that you can restore from a backup with adb restore, but that would wipe all my existing data on ...
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How can I shutdown my Android phone using an adb command?

How do I halt an android phone using adb command? I can reboot, but I don't know how to halt. I tried shutdown -k wait command, but it did not work.
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Where in the file system are applications installed?

I have installed a few Android applications both with the adb install MyApplication.apk command and via a webserver (like an alternative to Android Market). But where in the Android file system on my ...
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Enable and disable system apps via ADB

Is there any adb command to enable/disable a system app? Thanks
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How to start root shell with Android Studio?

I just installed Android Studio. How do I get into root shell on my phone? Or do I have to download ADB separately?
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3 answers

How to mount /system rewritable or read-only? (RW/RO)

How can I mount the /system directory rewritable or read-only on my Android phone?
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Is there a minimal installation of ADB?

When it comes to troubleshooting, I often read recommendations like "Use adb logcat to find some more details". Looking for a good way to backup all my apps including their data, Full Backup of non-...
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What all does ADB backup and how do I restore part of it?

I am soon going to unlock bootloader and root my Nexus 5, but I didn't wanted to wipe all the data so I thought of using the ADB backup function to restore after rooting is done. adb backup [-f <...
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56 votes
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ADB constantly disconnects, shows device offline

I'm not 100% sure if this should go here or the main Stack Overflow, but I decided to go with this area in hope I might catch someone with more specific experience with a similar problem. I have a ...
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fastboot doesn't see device

I've read a lot of articles about this problem but I can't resolve it. I decided to install my developer application on phone using wifi. To do this I need to do some things with my phone. The first ...
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Is there a way to look inside and modify an adb backup created file?

I created a backup of my Galaxy Nexus with adb backup. The resulting file is named backup.db and it's somehow encrypted. I wanted to restore the backup, but it stops when it comes to restoring com....
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ADB backup creates 0-byte file; prompts for current backup password even though I never set one; "Failed to set password" for Desktop backup password

The problem: Every time I run ADB backup, I get a message near the bottom of the home screen saying Backup starting..., followed by a message saying Backup finished a few seconds later despite the ...
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Is there a way for me to run Adb shell as root without typing in 'su'?

Is there a way for me to run Adb shell as root without typing in su? I want to be able to have root access without going into the shell.
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Broken screen while debug mode was disabled. How can I re-enable adb?

The screen of my phone is physically broken, so it doesn't display anything, but the touch aspect does seem to be working, as I can unlock my phone, and get haptic feedback. Before I go to get it ...
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40 votes
8 answers

ADB can discover devices but not fastboot

I've searched on the web about this problem and it's usually solved by installing the appropriate drivers. Problem is I'm on a Mac. When I plug in my device, it can be discovered when I run adb ...
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Is there a way to see the device's screen *live* on PC, through ADB? [duplicate]

I am a vlogger and after getting HTC Desire HD, found out its camera was all I ever needed. However, I usually have to see myself while recording video, to control my facial expressions, and with a ...
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3 answers

How do I get my device detected by ADB on Linux?

I just got my shiny new Wileyfox Swift – and before putting it to use I want to oem unlock and root it (as I usually do with new devices ;) Trouble is, though usb-debugging is enabled on the device, ...
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Backup and restore Android Settings and Application through ADB

I would like to ask if it possible to backup and restore all Android Settings and applications through ADB. I tried: adb backup -all adb: unable to connect for backup It is not working, while all ...
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Is it possible to write to a device's clipboard using ADB?

I am interested in learning how to write to (and if possible, read from) a rooted Android device's clipboard. I hope to do so using ADB over USB and I am not interested in installing any apps to help ...
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adb shell -> su: not found

How can I overcome this problem? Devices: Samsung Galaxy TabS - Android 4.4.2 HTC M8 - Android 5.0.1 The two devices have the same problem.
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How do I know when "adb backup" is finished?

I have a non-rooted Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and I wanted to try the "adb backup" feature. Possibly in preparation for rooting, but that's not really relevant to the question. I want to back up ...
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Activate USB tethering from the command line

I would like to activate USB tethering from within a bash script. I've found TetherSettings action name from aapt dump xmltree AndroidManifest.xml | less +/ether The ...
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27 votes
13 answers

Samsung (Galaxy S4) does not show Authorize USB debugging dialog box

I am trying to follow the instructions here, but my phone never displays the "Authorize USB Debugging" option. On the PC side, adb devices shows that the PC see the device, but it is listed as "...
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2 answers

Partial adb restore

ICS devices support creating backups using adb backup, and restoring them using adb restore. Using adb backup, one can select that everything should be backed up, or only a certain package. However, ...
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how to adb wait-for-device until the home screen shows up?

I need to unlock my screen using adb, and wait-for-device exits way too early(when the device is booting up), and screen unlock fails. Is there a way to detect that the home screen, so I can fire ...
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Recursive adb pull

How to copy a whole directory (and all of its content recursively) over USB with adb pull? For instance to backup the SD card. Attempt: $ adb pull /sdcard backup failed to copy '/sdcard' to 'backup':...
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Control Android with broken screen from PC

My rooted Galaxy Nexus has a broken screen. How can I use my PC (ie, via ADB) to control the phone? androidscreencast would be the ideal solution, but its keyboard/mouse control feature does not work ...
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How to use ADB to list remote directories?

I used adb push lol.png /storage/sdcard0/ to push a test file to my Galaxy S6, and the file was transferred successfully while failed to show up in my Android File Transfer. This is probably due to ...
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`adb pull /data` fails with "0 files pull 0 file skipped"

I have rooted my device HTC Evo Design 4G and I try to adb pull /data data and it says "0 files pull 0 file skipped" I was able to pull /System/build.prop. How can I pull the root folder?
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Does adb backup/restore still work because it says it's deprecated?

I want to reset my phone but want to recover the system data before doing so. I tried to create a backup with adb and tried to restore it on a virtual device to see if it works. So I tried to restore ...
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How to install xapk, apks, or multiple-apks via adb?

xapk, apks, or multiple-apks is the new standard for apps that is basically one folder and multiple apks in it. I know there are apps like apkpure or SAI that can do it, but I want to know how to it ...
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3 answers

How can I see the fingerprint of my adbkey?

You should know that Android 4.2.2 (or just before) introduced RSA key checking for adb access. – The device asks now if you want to allow access. To avoid asking every time, the computer presents an ...
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Obtain package name AND common name of apps via ADB

I'm looking for a possibility to retrieve both, the package names and the common names of apps installed on an Android device via ADB – or at least to retrieve the common name if the package name is ...
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How to uninstall a system app using adb uninstall command (NOT remove via rm or any other way)

Have to mention this to avoid possible confusion, this question is not duplicate. This question is specific to using adb to uninstall a package. There are several similar questions but are all ...
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Factory reset Android using ADB

I am trying to factory data reset my Oppo Neo 7 (Android 5.1) using ADB shell. Any way I can try and link to ADB shell?
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2 answers

Can I enable USB debugging using adb?

I own a Samsung Galaxy S3 and the display is broken and USB debugging is set to off too. How can I enable it using ./adb commands? I have done these steps already: data/data/
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22 votes
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Manually switch from ART to Dalvik

I wanted to try out the new ART runtime, but didn't realize my custom ROM doesn't support it. So now I am getting recurring Force Closed messages after booting, and can't get through to the settings ...
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How to install ADB drivers on Windows 10 (OPO)

Problem: Install ADB drivers (google_usb_drivers) on a Windows 10 client in order to enable debugging for my OnePlus One (OPO). What I have tried: After some Googling I found several guides telling ...
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How to enable USB Debugging in Android if forgotten pattern for screen-unlock?

I want to use some third party software to clear my device's screen unlock pattern which I forgot. They require USB debugging enabled but I don't have it enabled in my Android. How do I turn on USB ...
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Uninstall system app failed using 'adb shell pm uninstall'

I attempted to force uninstall in ADB, but failed: $ adb shell pm uninstall -k org.openintents.filemanager $ adb shell pm list packages -f | grep -i manager package:/system/app/FileManager.apk=org....
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9 answers

Batch install apks from computer to Android without actually touching my Android

I want to batch install apks from my desktop directly. Such as I downloaded many apks on the desktop and want to install apks without actually touching my android. How to do this?
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20 votes
7 answers

How to reinstall an uninstalled system app through ADB?

My phone is an unrooted Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge running Oreo 8.0. Yesterday when removing bloatware from my phone, I accidentally uninstalled a system app using the adb command: pm uninstall -k --user ...
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How to find out currently running user name/ID from ADB

I am having Nexus 7 running multiple users. I am trying to find out which is currently running user using ADB. The best I could get so far was to check legacy directory linking which is either linked ...
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How do you pair a Device for Wireless Debugging with a QR Code?

There doesn't seem to be much written on this, but I see an option to pair my device with a QR code scanner. Is there a way to pair my phone with my computer by generating a QR code on my computer and ...
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How to recover a deleted file from /data partition on a rooted phone?

I factory reset my rooted Android M phone but now I realize that there was a file in the /data directory which I need. Is it possible to create an image (.img or something similar) of the /data ...
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3 answers

Clear Caches from ADB?

How do I clear caches (app, individual apps, Dalvik, ART if possible) via ADB? Using apps, recovery, or doing it through Settings are not options for me. Also, my phone is not rooted.
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A way to get the current resolution size and DPI from the command line/terminal/adb?

I've got adb access to my android phone. So I know that I can override screen density and screen resolution with the am command provided with Android. That's great and dandy, I guess. But is there a ...
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Is it possible to backup and restore an app with data via ADB?

Basically, I want to install an app with my settings already configured to a bunch of phones. My thinking was Install app on phone 1 Configure Dump app and Data to PC ADB app and data to phone 2 ...
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Why can't I get root access from shell?

> adb shell sh-4.1$ su Permission denied I have rooted my phone successfully. I know this because I'm able to install apps on SD card and I have a program called SD Maid that is able to operate ...
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Android Read recent SMS messages from command line

I have recently broken my Android's screen. (Again) Its a T-Mobile G2 Trying to keep up with my busy technology related life is hard enough without losing my link with everyone. I have rooted the ...
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