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Questions tagged [adblock-plus]

An Android app and Firefox plugin for blocking ads. The Firefox plugin blocks ads on the web; the Android app filters all Internet traffic to block ads.

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1 answer

No download link for Adblock Plus

The page from the Adblock Plus website discusses Adblock Plus for android. It clearly refers to the version that runs in the background and blocks all ads (and is ...
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2 answers

Can I use Adblock Plus for Android and still see per-app data use?

I have a rooted device and I'm interested in installing Adblock Plus for Android. The app, that is, not the Firefox extension. The FAQ says: To filter ads, all traffic has to pass through Adblock ...
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Android AdBlocker - how does it work?

I have just tried this adblocker app for Android, and it does seem to be working quite effectively, I tried it with some popular apps like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. Does anyone know how it works? ...
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Why does adblock plus ask if I want to update every day?

I have a Galaxy S4, nonrooted and with Adblock Plus installed. However, every day (or every 2 days at most) ABP asks me if I want to install a new update. However, the build number never seems to ...
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Configure custom AdBlock Plus filter lists subscriptions

Using a desktop PC version of AdBlock, I can subscribe to any combination of filter lists, and so I do subscribing to EasyList + Czech, Russian and German lists (I am a polyglot user using many ...
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Full ad blocking [closed]

I have installed and also properly configured AdBlock Plus. The problem is, that it doesn't remove all the ads. Sometimes I see ads at the bottom/top of the screen. Sometimes I see full screen ads and ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Rooted Nexus 7 v2: Using Tor and Adblock Plus

I'm having success using both Tor and Adblock Plus, although independently. I'm trying to figure out how to get both to work on the device at the same time. When successfully using Tor, I get ads ...
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4 answers

Adblock plus not working

I installed Adblock Plus on my Galaxy Tab 3 and it doesn't work. It keeps saying "Waiting for traffic on port 2020". I tried following these instructions and setting up the internet connection to use ...
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2 answers

How to use Adblock AND a VPN

I'm using Private Internet Access's VPN via its App and now I'd also like to additionally use Adblock Plus. The problem however is that I apparently can only use either VPN or Adblock Plus - but not ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Adblock detection even after uninstallation of Adguard (Android)

I once installed the Adguard for Android. I'm a non rooted user. I had installed the CA certificate for it. Now I have uninstalled it and removed CA certificate completely, some websites are still ...
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Where in a smartphone with Android are deleted and cleaned the files that are visible when testing with "root integrity check"?

Where in a smartphone with Android are deleted and cleaned the files that are visible when testing with "root integrity check" ?? Clearing the cache and user settings do not help, obviously ...
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1 vote
0 answers

How can I block ads in Facebook videos

I have installed AdGuard Pro and have installed all the filters. Nearly every video I watch on Facebook (only when using my Android phone) becomes interrupted by a video ad. In contrast, my partner ...
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1 vote
6 answers

Can't save proxy settings after installing AdBlock Plus [closed]

I installed the AdBlock Plus app and I need to modify the proxy settings, but the "Save" button is disabled and I cannot do anything. Could you please help me out? I have an LG P970 running Android 4....
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2 answers

How to run a firewall and an AdBlocker on a non-rooted phone at the same time?

I have a non-rooted Android phone and would like to use both a Firewall and an Adblocker at the same time. How can I do this? I could only find Firewalls and Adblockers for non-rooted phones that use ...
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2 answers

AdBlock on Android causes many timeouts and connection problems

When I use the Android version of Adblock Plus 1.3 without root, everything seems to work fine. But now, I have a new phone that I'm not willing to root, and I like the idea of having AdBlock as a ...
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Cannot enable Ad Block plus for Galaxy S5

I am trying to use Ad Block Plus for my Samsung Galaxy S5. I recently upgraded from a Galaxy S3 on which ABP worked flawlessly. To install and configure it on my Galaxy S3 I used this guide https://...
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Is it possible to adblock while on mobile data?

I can use AdBlock Plus to block ads on wifi. Is there a way to do it while on mobile data? I'd like to use it in Chrome, if possible.
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