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"unfortunately adobe air has stopped"

I decided to hard reset my huawei y511 due to some personal reason. Now, since then everytime i log in to google at midst of my browsing it pops up "unfortunately air has stopped" and it goes over and ...
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How to install adobe air in AVD [closed]

i developped an android application using adobe flash professional and i need to try it with a virtual device, i failed to install adobe air under AVD and Genymotion, for Genymotion some services are ...
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Can't install AIR on Galaxy Android device

I'm doing some AIR for Android development. When I try and launch my app, I am told I need to install Adobe AIR. After being taken to the Google Play site, I get the message that "Your device isn't ...
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Is it possible to get bbciplayer working on an arm v6 device?

Have been playing about flashing modded firmware to an older android device which has an arm v6 processor and have been disappointed in not being able to view any media through bbciplayer either ...
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Why does Google Play Store say that Adobe Air is incompatible with the Huawei U8510 phone?

I looked at the publisher's system requirements for Adobe Air. I compared that list to Huawei's device specs, but Huawei's list doesn't mention if the device has ARMv7 processor with vector FPU, ...
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Is Adobe Air available on sony ericson xperia mini pro

I'm planning to buy a Sony Xperia Mini Pro, with the physical keyboard, not the x10 mini, but the latest one. The sony xperia mini pro is not listed on Adobe's flash compatible devices list I plan ...
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3 answers

How do I run an AIR app on the device?

I've installed Adobe Air, and I have a few AIR apps that I have built over time and am curious to see how they will look running on the device, but am not clear on how to install them. I uploaded the ...
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Can someone describe how publishing an Adobe Air file on Android works?

I'm familiar with Adobe Air and I noticed it is on the Market. Does it accept .AIR files for install? If so, how does Air make adjustments for the small screen? Does air have access to all the neat ...