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What's the secret behind super durability of latest ADW Launcher EX? [closed]

Update of ADW Launcher EX is back again after a long time. It brings lot of visual tweaks as well as performance boosts. After few days of experience, I have encountered one even more interesting ...
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5 votes
1 answer

How to rename catalog of ADW Launcher EX?

In Setup Catalog option, I can only choose apps, but can't rename the catalog. Is there any way to rename a catalog?
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  • 12.4k
3 votes
2 answers

How do I copy ADW launcher settings from the free to the paid app version?

I want to upgrade from the free version of ADW Launcher to ADW Launcher EX. How can I do this without having to re-create all of my app settings and widgets?
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How can I make ADW_EX wallpaper stick?

When I set new wallpaper, it lasts only until the next sleep. On waking, the default ADW sequence of wallpapers resumes. I can re-select the wallpaper and it will again persist again until the device ...
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setting a default launcher

Ok so I rooted my samsung galaxy note 10.1 today. I immediately bought the full version of adw launcher and installed it. Now I have a bit of experience with Android and launchers so I have tried all ...
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