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Can I connect to both a Wifi router and a Wifi Music receiver at the same time?

I want to be able to play music from my android phone out of my home sound system, wirelessly. Bluetooth doesn't have a long enough range, so I was going to use Wifi. I also want to be able to connect ...
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Mirror OS X sound on Android without WiFi?

The audio jack hole on my Mac is broken. My Android phone's hotspot is my Internet connection, and I don't have any other WiFi. Is there any way I can have the phone mirror the sound of my Mac? I ...
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Android Native alternative to AirPlay

I want to give my old apple TV to my parents because my dad wants to stream files from his ipad to his tv. 2 Months ago I made the Switch from iOS to Android, 1.5 Years ago the switch from MAc to ...
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Changing default video player in Google Chrome for Android

tl;dr When you open any video, default HTML5 player is used. What I want is to make Google Chrome to use custom video player whenever it wants to playback a video Longer story My real goal is to ...
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Is it possible to play music from an Android device to Airplay speakers?

I'd like to play my music, podcasts, pandora, etc. on a Libratone Airplay speaker in my house. I bought the Airplay add-on for DoubleTwist thinking it would let me do this, but it appears to only ...
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Stream music/video from phone to Apple TV

I'd like to listen to Google music from my phone via my Apple TV and also do the same with video. Are there any apps that enable this?
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3 answers

Any way to stream YouTube sound off of Nexus 7 to Yamaha amp over Airplay?

I have the following 3 devices: a Nexus 7 an iPhone 4s a Yamaha RX-473, which supports airplay All are hooked up over my wifi. I've setup Airplay with the amp and the iPhone, allowing me to watch ...
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Play music from Android to Airplay receiver

Is there a way of playing music on my Android phone to an Airplay receiver (like Airport Express etc)?
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