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Aldiko is a famous ebook reading app and often comes pre-installed especially with tablet devices

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Set Nook Simple Touch back to Stock Reading App

I've a Nook Simple Touch, rooted, with ReLaunch and Aldiko. I'd like to return to the Stock Reading App (instead of Aldiko). I can't find the stock reading app. I have 'Open with' available on the ...
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Can't download ePub with Aldiko

Recently I received via email an .epub file (eBook). When I try to download it I get an error message that says "Aucune application ne peux afficher la pièce jointe" (no application can show the ...
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What's the difference between free and premium version of Aldiko Book Reader?

When it comes to epub format ebooks reading, Aldiko Book Reader is the best Android app on Earth and nobody will oppose it, as I think. I have been using it for 5 months and really satisfied. Now, I ...
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Can the Aldiko reader show pdf files in it's catalog screen which are not present in the ebook folder?

I have the following situation : I purchased an Android pdf book which was downloaded on my PC I used Dropbox to transfer it onto my Android device (Archos 101) When clicking the downloaded book in ...
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How to find books by title in Aldiko eBooks?

Can I do that? I found only the way to browse through the catalog and categories. How do I find a title in their collection?
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