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How to play a video indefinitely on loop on Amazon Fire TV Stick?

I have an Amazon Fire TV Stick and a video file. I want to play on loop for a several hours. I have attached the USB to the Firestick using an OTG dongle. I have the Kodi app to play the video on a ...
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Making Skype calls over Amazon Fire TV Stick

Making Skype calls through Amazon Fire TV Stick I have a Samsung Smart TV which does not use Android; I thought all smart TVs were Android and the return date had passed. To get around this, what I ...
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Restore backup.ab file on Amazon Fire TV Stick?

I'm trying to restore a backup file onto an Amazon Fire TV Stick 2 using adb restore backup.ab, however, the restore confirmation doesn't come up on the Fire TV Stick. The device is rooted and ...
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Can WiFi and Bluetooth be enabled through adb using Fire TV Sticks USB connection?

Think I've bricked my first-gen Amazon Fire TV Stick. It's had a good run though, installed a bunch of different apps and one was a task optimizer. It has disabled the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the ...
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