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Android 9 keeps shutting my browser tabs on Other User when I just switch to other apps

I use Kiwi Browser, tried Lemur Browser but they all do it, it's so frustrating cause not only that it refreshes tabs but it shuts them off completely and just when I come back to it it leaves a blank ...
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How to lock settings on Android 9?

Is there a way to prevent settings on an Android phone from being accidentally changed? I am using an LG K30 running Android Pie. (Yes, I know it's a dinosaur)
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How to find remaining files and folders from already deleted applications?

I see folders and anycast with some files (about 500Kb) but Taobao and AnyCast applications were deleted a long time ago. So, is there a way/tool to find such files? (for example by ...
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Is there a way to disable the inactivity screen lock?

And I don't mean the Screen Timeout or the actual phone lock. I have a Samsung Galaxy A8 running Android 9, and since I found out it hasn't been updated since 2018, AKA before OneUI, I decided to do ...
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Oppo A12 asking for passcode when attempting to hard reset via ColorOS 6 recovery

I completely forgot the passcode to my Oppo A12, so have resorted to a hard reset. The issue is that I cannot hard reset either, as if I enter recovery mode and try to wipe the phone's data, the phone ...
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