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Questions tagged [android-beta-program]

For questions about the Android Beta Program or the official beta version of the latest Android OS.

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Does going directly from QPR Beta-> major Android Beta (without going to stable in between) would force a wipe in between or not?

Others have asked elsewhere, so I'm looking for answers for them. Does anyone recollect from a year ago what the experience was if you're either on or opted into the Google Pixel Android 12 QPR ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Unable to change device theme in Android O

Sorry, to be one of those guys but Android O as you may probably know has the "inverted" theme, which I found kind of strains my eyes, not too much that it's a problem but it still does a little, I ...
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1 answer

Android Q Desktop Mode - control secondary display

I tried new Desktop Mode on Android Q Beta 3. The problem is that I'm not able to move mouse pointer to second display, so I don't have any way to use Desktop Mode. Google Pixel XL, display is ASUS ...
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Samsung j7 (2016) Beta Program

I want to get Beta Updates. So i signup here with my Samsung account. But i can't find Samsung Beta Program App and Samsung Members ...
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Android O : Unable to deactivated snoozed notification

In Android O (Beta OPP4.170623.014), I snoozed an application for one hour for testing purposes. I have been searching through the System Settings and online as well, and found no way to undo the ...
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