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The emulator is a tool used by Android developers to test their applications or by power users to preliminary test behavior of devices without using a real Android device. Only use this tag for questions about the emulator in the second scenario.

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Improve Android Emulator Performance on Windows 7 x64

I'm running Eclipse Helios on Windows 7 x64. I have a Core 2 Duo 2.0 Ghz with 4.0 GB which I think should be enough, since I've never have any performance problems with other developing tools. When I ...
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Can I use Android Emulator to get the Free apps from Amazon's app store?

It is said that we can test drive using Android apps even using an Web based android emulator for Amazon, but I don't see it on Amazon's Angry Birds webpage? Can we download the Android SDK and use ...
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Pasting text into Android emulator

I need to paste text into the Android emulator for testing. I'm running Android 1.6 on the emulator on Mac OS 10.6. Any idea if this is possible?
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Google Books in Android emulator

Has somebody been able to run Google Books in the emulator? I've installed this app, but when I run it, the only thing I get is a "Google Accounts" - "0 accounts" banner, with the rest of the screen ...
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Troubleshooting the Android Emulator

When starting up my emulator at home, the emulator takes forever to start. Sometimes it does not start. If the emulator starts, it is hit or miss if I get a network connection. When it does finally ...
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How to flash a ROM to the Android emulator

Any idea about flash a ROM to the Android emulator? I found this post:
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How do I root the Android emulator?

How do I root the Android emulator? I need root to install an .apk file on the emulator.
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How can I run Android applications on my PC with the Android emulator?

Is it possible to run Android applications on PC (with emulator)? I have Android SDK on my PC and I want to run Angry Bird on it. Can any body help to me?
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How can I manually add memory to the Android emulator?

I'm planning to buy an Android phone, but I want to try the applications in the Android Market using Android Emulator. I have downloaded many applications and reached the maximum apps I can download ...
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Reconnecting Emulator to Eclipse

My main problem with developing in Android is that the emulator seems to continually get disconnected from eclipse. This always happens the 2-3 time I try to upload my .apk from eclipse without ...
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Merging multiple SMS databases

I have a lot of problems with my phone, and so I have a number of nandroid backups with different sets of overlapping SMS messages saved in them. I've also made a few copies of the data folder when ...
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How do I use the emulator with AppInventor?

How did you enable an emulator for AppInventor? I want to test out the junk that I created on a emulator, before using it on my phone.
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Skinning the Android emulator

I need to have mobile skins for the Android emulator, specifically for testing apps, for which I have referred this site: I would like to have HTC 4G EVO skin. Where ...
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