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The ANDROID ID for Android devices is a 64-bit number (as a hex string) that is randomly generated on the first boot of a device and typically remains constant for the lifetime of the device. Questions related to identification, back up and other operations are to be appended with this tag

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Instagram account creating error

I know already my problem why the ig is not letting me create more accounts they banned my device id or android id or my ip blacklisted which is unlikely to be, and i also know that factory resetting ...
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How do I change the AndroidID?

My Android ID has changed since a factory reset. Now some apps/services don't work. Besides using Titanium Backup, how can I restore/change back to the previous Android ID? I already know what the ID ...
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Android ID associated with familiar devices

I have a rooted Moto e6 that I'm trying to change the Android ID on to one from a previous phone that is no longer serviceable. This is not about app ID's, which have already been answered. I'm ...
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Is it possible to change the Android ID with root access? (On Android 10) [duplicate]

I have an Android 10 phone (Motorola Moto G9 Play) and I want to change the Android ID (I think that's what apps use to identify you sometimes). I have a cell phone with: ROOT + Magisk + EdXposed I ...
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Where is the "android_id" stored and when does it change?

I want to build a device_id with android_id, any one knows the answer to these three questions? Where is the android_id value stored? When is the android_id value initialized, i.e. the first time ...
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How to back up my current android ID?

I want to flash a new rom, but it will change my android ID. Is there any way to just back up my current android ID WITHOUT make a whole-system-backup?
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Where can I find the ANDROID_ID on my device?

I know that you can find IMEI and MAC address and others by going to Settings -> About phone -> Status. You can also find IMEI by typing *#06# on the keypad. Is there any way to get the ...
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