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Finding out Arduino's port name on Android

Since I found this app named QPython for Android, just wondering if it possible to read serial data of Arduino on Android using Python (QPython). It would have probably been easier if I had a rooted ...
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Can I connect existing USB mouse and keyboard and VGA monitor to my Nexus 6

I guess question title sums it all. I have USB mouse, keyboard and VGA monitor. I am ready to buy couple of new adapters/cables. Will it be possible to connect all things up to my Nexus 6. I was ...
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Can Windows be installed on a n Android Phone [closed]

Well I have a Lenovo K3 Note and would like to know if I could install windows on it if so could anyone tell me how because I've done my research and only ended up with tutorials and videos that use a ...
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Android Mini-PC: How to Autostart for Public Display

I have an MK808 Android mini PC which I want to use for a public display. I can open a browser OK and get the page I want, but when power fails I have to manually open that page again. I dont want ...
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How to stream videos from PC to TV

I have a PC with videos, an android mobile device and a TV. I would like to use my mobile in order to stream videos from my PC to the TV. Is the a way to do it? The best offers I found out so far ...
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How to root this device? RK3188

I am attempting to root at RK3188 Mini PC I bought from amazon. I believe I have found the drivers, but cannot figure out how to connect a USB cable to the device to connect to my PC to root. Please ...
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Can I connect my Android Mini PC to my VGA Monitor through Adapter?

I am buying a new Android Mini PC. It has HDMI Output but I want to connect it to my VGA Monitor. So, Can I use this HDMI Male to VGA Female Video Converter Adapter to connect the VGA cable of my ...
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How can I trick or force an app to work on an unsupported device?

I recently purchased an iMito MX1 mini-pc. I was disappointed to find that Hulu Plus is not fully supported on my device. I am able to download the app just fine, but I get an in-app error message ...
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How can I get my MK808 mini Android PC to output to my TV?

I had this mini pc from a friend. But I cannot power it up. When I connect it to TV with HDMI cable, the light is blue, but I got nothing show on the TV screen. I've tried some different HDMI cables, ...
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