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How can enable the Android Accessory Interface (USB) on Windows?

I would like to use the Android USB Accessory Mode. This allows to open a data connection between an Android app and an app on another USB device, like a Windows machine. To start this communication, ...
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With the Pixel line, Google has abandoned Android Open Accessory 2.0. What do they use for USB audio now?

I recently got a Moto X4. Unlike my previous phone, the Nexus 5X, this one does not support AOA 2.0, meaning it cannot digitally connect to the Kenwood head unit in my car. Previously, I was able to ...
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After update, car radio stopped playing audio through USB from my Samsung S5 using AOA

I've bought a Pioneer radio for my car that supports Android Open Acessory (AOA) 2.0. I was happily living with it playing my music through the USB cable to my Galaxy S5 phone. High quality connection ...
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