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Questions tagged [android-studio]

Android Studio is the official Android IDE. Use this tag only for using Android Studio as end-users or power-users (but not particularly as developers), like managing Android emulators, debugging existing APKs, etc. DO NOT USE THIS TAG FOR APP DEVELOPMENT ISSUE BECAUSE IT IS OFF-TOPIC.

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Which Android virtual device is based on ARM system image?

Android Studio has a feature where you can emulate an Android device -- tablet, phone, etc. -- but it crashes the virtual machine (Ubuntu) I am using. Depending on which VM platform I am using, it ...
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Android Studio - data manager - permission denied

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5, Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. I try to access a save file for a game without Google Play cloud backup. I have managed to get deeper into the file system using Android Studio ...
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How can I launch AVD Manager without opening or creating a project in Android Studio?

Sometimes I just want to open the AVD Manager GUI that is reachable from Android Studio's Tools menu, but without having to start Android Studio and creating or opening a project. How can I do this?
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Can I install Android using Android studio on any supporting devices?

I have a Samsung phone. I don't know anything about installing Android and about Android Studio. Can I install Android on it using Android Studio?
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